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    1 DMP3 | User Guide Introduction Thank you for purchasing the M-Audio DMP3 Microphone/Instrument Pre-Amplifier. The DMP3 gives you two completely independent channels of high gain, ultra low noise pre-amps in a sturdy desktop unit. Each channel provides low impedance microphone inputs on XLR connectors with optional phantom power, plus an alternate high impedance instrument input on 1/4" TS jacks. The DMP3 outputs can be used as balanced or unbalanced via its 1/4” TRS jacks. Microphones, guitars with magnetic or piezo pickups, and any instrument that needs a boost in gain to "line level" will benefit from the superior sonic quality of the DMP3. Two separate gain ranges are conveniently selectable from the front panel for each DMP3 channel. Low cut "rumble" filters for each channel eliminate unwanted low-end noise, while individual phase inversion switches ensure that you will always achieve the greatest result when using the DMP3 in a stereo or dual mic situation. Large, classic VU meters give an excellent visual representation of the DMP3 output levels. DMP3 Features • 2 independent XLR, fully balanced mic inputs. • 2 alternate, independent 1/4” unbalanced, high impedance inputs, impedance matched for ideal performance with electric and acoustic guitars and other high impedance mics or instruments. • Each preamp channel provides two gain ranges to accomodate a variety of output levels from microphones and instruments. • Exceptional frequency response, extremely flat throughout all frequencies. • Separate low-cut filters for each channel with switch and LED indicator. • Separate gain controls for each of the pre-amplifiers. • Individual phase inversion switches for each channel. • VU meters for each preamp channel gives excellent visual reference of output levels. • Individual clip LEDs for each pre-amp channel indicate peak levels. • XLR 48v phantom power can be switched on or off for both mic inputs, with an LED indicator. • Dual-purpose independent 1/4” outputs accept either tip-ring-sleeve plugs for balanced outputs or tip-sleeve plugs for unbalanced outs. • Sturdy desktop unit with a handsome, vintage look. DMP3 | User Guide 2 Front & Rear Panels Front Panel 1. Gain Adjustment Knobs: Separate gain controls for pre-amp channels A and B adjust the output volume levels independently. Full counter-clockwise is the minimum gain position, while full clockwise is maximum gain. 2. VU Meters: These VU meters show output level, calibrated to correspond to digital peak meters, where 0 VU is approximately 3dB to 6dB below clipping. 3. Clip LEDs: The Clip LED will light when that .....
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