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    - 2 - TABLE OF CONTENTS A MESSAGE FROM THE PRESIDENT 3 UNPACKING YOUR MD 308 4 SETTING UP THE MD 308 5 CONNECTING SPEAKERS AND POWERING THE MD 308 5 HOOKING UP SOURCES TO THE MD 308 6 SET UP THE MD 308 WITH AN EXTERNAL HOME THEATER PROCESSOR 6 HOOKING UP A SUBWOOFER TO YOUR SYSTEM 7 TAPE OUT LOOP 7 POWER VU-METERS 7 CONTROL & DISPLAY FUNCTIONS 8 REMOTE CONTROL 9 FUNCTIONS OF THE REMOTE 9 TROUBLESHOOTING 10 SAFETY SHEET11 LIMITED WARRANTY 12 - 3 - A Message From the President Thank you for choosing the Magnum Dynalab MD 308 Integrated Amplifier. Great care has been given in the design, manufacturing and selection of components for the MD 308 Integrated Amplifier. This complete process insures optimum listening enjoyment for many years. Simplicity of the circuit using high grade components insures that accuracy and realism of the music is the end result. The power supply with its specially designed transformer is at the heart of the stability and dynamics that the MD 308 exhibits. When using these high grade components a considerable length of time is required for the MD 308 to reach its full potential, either a high quality break in disc or white noise from a FM tuner will insure optimum performance. Once again thank you for including a MAGNUM DYNALAB product in your entertainment system, we are sure that you will have years of listening pleasure from your MD 308. If there is anything else we can do, please call us on our toll free number, 1-800-551-4130 or contact us via email at: Respectfully yours, Larry Zurowski President - 4 - UNPACKING YOUR MD 308 Carefully inspect all sides of the shipping carton for damage. If there are marks or holes in the carton make note of the location in relation to the unit inside. Any obvious dents or scuff marks should alert you to the possibility of damage. Carefully remove the MD 308 from the end caps and wrapping, inspect all sides. Pay special attention to the corresponding areas on the unit where damage was found to the shipping carton. If damage is evident, document the type and extent of the damage, then repack the unit and call the dealer. KINDLY DO NOT SEND THE UNIT BACK TO THE SHIPPER UNTIL YOU HAVE BEEN ASKED TO DO SO. DO NOT DISCARD THE PACKING MATERIALS AND CARTONS. Should there be a necessity to return the unit for any reason, it must arrive safely and suitably packaged in order for our receiver to accept it from the carrier. Also, if the unit has incurred damage as a result of improper packaging, it is not likely that a claim for the damage against the carrier will be successful. Likewise, we will ship your unit back to you only i .....
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