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    - 2 - Installation Instructions Congratulations! You have just purchased one of the finest FM broadcast band receiving antennas on the market today. The ST-2 is a sturdy, high quality FM antenna. It has been built to maintain its excellent receiving characteristics while withstanding the rigors of nature in just about any geographical location where FM signals can be received. Assembling the ST-2 While your unit might arrive fully assembled, you should go through the following procedure to ensure that your ST-2 is ready for permanent installation. First of all, make certain that the whip is held fast within the loading coil. You can check this by holding onto the loading coil with one hand and tugging firmly on the whip with the other. If the ST-2 arrived disassembled, or if the whip was found to be loose during the above test, carry out the following procedure. Using a 3/8” open end wrench, loosen the gold locking nut at the top of the coil assembly. Insert the thickest end of the whip (opposite the static ball end) in the top of the nut. Push it down until it bottoms (about 1”). Hold on firmly to the coil with one hand and slowly tighten the nut until you feel some resistance. Then, tighten ½ turn, no more. If the nut continues to turn, with no indication that the whip is being tightened, stop this procedure and, referring to Fig. 1, loosen the nut right off. You will note in the explored view that the whip passes through a small ferrule. Tightening the nut down on the ferrule which is confined within the coil barrel causes the ferrule to compress on the whip base thereby holding it firmly. In fact, about 1/8” must protrude through the bottom end of the ferrule for the compression joint to be effective. NOTE: Sometimes a slight burr on the hole in the ferrule will stop the whip’s passage all the way through. If this is the case, sand off the burr. When you are satisfied the whip will pass freely through the ferrule, reassemble the antenna as shown in Fir. 1. Follow the previous instructions on ‘tightening’. Referring to Fig. 1, reinstall the ‘L’ bracket supplied as shown by turning the large locking nut off the connector shell. At the same time the connector shell may also come loose. To remedy that, hold the shell portion in place as you remove the nut. Retighten the shell finger tight. Reinstall the bracket so the longest portion now extends downward, over the shell. Using an adjustable wrench, tighten the collar nut about ¼ turn beyond finger tight. Pre-Installation Checkout Connect the lead-in to the FM ANTENNA terminal on the back panel of your tuner or receiver. Place the anten .....
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