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    2 © MARMITEK SH624 - 09170 27-10-2006 13:22 Pagina 2 USER MANUAL COMFORT REMOTE CONTROL SH624 (Art nr. 09170) SAFETY WARNINGS • In case of improper usage or if you have opened, altered and repaired the product yourself, all guarantees expire. Marmitek does not accept responsibility in the case of improper usage of the product or when the product is used for purposes other than specified. Marmitek does not accept responsibility for additional damage other than covered by the legal product responsibility. • Batteries: keep batteries out of the reach of children. Dispose of batteries as chemical waste. Never use old and new batteries or different types of batteries together. Remove the batteries when you are not using the system for a longer period of time. Check the polarity (+/-) of the batteries when inserting them in the product. Wrong positioning can cause an explosion. • Automatic switching devices provide comfort, but can also be dangerous. They can surprise people or can ignite clothing hanging over an electric heat source. Please be careful and take appropriate measures to avoid accidents. CONTROLS 1. PANIC With this red button the panic alarm can be activated immediately. 2. CONTROL INDICATOR Lights up when the remote control transmits radio signals when pressing the buttons. If the indicator light is not very bright, the batteries should be replaced. 3. DIMMING KEY To control the light level of lamps which are connected to Lamp Modules. 4. HOUSECODE SWITCH Used for setting the system address. 5. MODUS SWITCH A. SWITCH IN SEC SETTING: ARM HOME: The security system is partly armed. All door/widow sensors are activated, while the motion detectors are switched off. ARM AWAY: The security system is fully armed. All sensors are activated. DISARM: Switches off the security system. ALL LAMPS ON: To switch on all lamp/dimmer modules with one press of a button. ALL OFF: To switch off all the modules (both lamp and device modules) with one press of a button. The bottom five buttons are used to switch the Marmitek X-10 modules with corresponding addresses (UnitCodes 1-5). B. SWITCH IN SETTING 1: 1 ..... 8: To switch Marmitek X-10 Home Automation modules with corresponding addresses (UnitCodes 1-8). ENGLISH 3 SH624TM SH624 - 09170 27-10-2006 13:22 Pagina 3 C. SWITCH IN SETTING 2: 9 .....16: To switch Marmitek X-10 Home Automation modules with corresponding addresses (UnitCodes 9-16). INSERTING THE BATTERIES IMPORTANT: When inserting the batteries, the switch should not be in setting 2! Open the bat- tery compartment on the back of the remote control and insert the batteries (4x AAA, alkaline). Do no .....
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