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    Congratulations on your purchase of this handwired re-issue of the model 1974 18 Watt, all-valve 1x12" guitar combo. The original versions of this wonderful sounding amplifier were produced between the years 1966 and 1968 and are now extremely rare and much sought after. This authentic re-issue of the 1974 is part of an ongoing series, which will feature revered handwired products from Marshall’s history. The reason I have decided to do this is simple – public demand! One of the things I love doing most is meeting and talking to Marshall users at the many trade shows, music fairs and shop appearances I do all over the world every year. A subject that almost always seems to come up in conversation at such events is hand-wiring. In fact, over the past few years so many people have asked me to please start building handwired re-issue products that I’ve lost count! One of the most requested vintage Marshall amps to appear in such a guise is the model 1974X combo you’ve just bought – hence its inclusion as one of our first handwired re-issues. Like a great many vintage Marshall guitar amplifiers, the1974X is relatively simple in terms of controls, features and circuitry, but sounds and feels fantastic. To recreate the tone and feel of the original 1974, as well as its eye-catching good looks, my team of designers have gone to enormous lengths to seek out and/or reproduce all of the original components and materials, plus revisit the original methods of construction we used back in the mid 1960s. From the handwired, tag-board circuit housed in an aluminium chassis, to the exclusively re-issued and specially ‘aged’ Celestion 20 Watt speaker, I am extremely proud of the incredible accuracy and authenticity of this re-issue. I sincerely hope that this handwired piece of Marshall history will provide you with countless hours of playing pleasure. Yours Sincerely, ENGLISH ENGLISH Overview: Tone and Tech Talk The 1974X is an all-valve, 18 Watt, two-channel, 1x12" combo with valve driven tremolo and no negative feedback in its cathode-biased output stage. When building this handwired re-issue our goal was both obvious and simple: to make it as close as possible to the original. As Jim has already pointed out, we went to incredible lengths to achieve maximum authenticity in terms of components, circuitry, constructional methods, materials, specifications, aesthetics, signal path, performance, tonal characteristics and feel. We are delighted to report that our suppliers were equally as exacting in their tasks – none more so than Dagnall Transformers and Celestion Speakers. As you can see from its top pa .....
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