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    ESPAÑOL DEUTSCH FRANÇAIS JAPANESE ENGLISH ENGLISH 1 From Jim Marshall I would like to personally thank you for selecting one of our JCM2000 Triple Super Lead valve amplifiers. Since I started Marshall Amplification in 1962 I have witnessed some incredible breakthroughs and advances in amplifier design technology, such as master volume amps, switchable channels, reverb, MIDI technology, speaker emulation and digital effects processing, to name just a few. These may seem like every day features nowadays but this certainly wasn’t always the case. However, the same values that were present in the first Marshalls are still here today. That is, solid workmanship, reliability, stylish looks and above all great Marshall tone. The TSL60, TSL601 and TSL602 are our latest all valve amplifiers and as such are really direct descendants of our classic all valve amps. Combining all of the aforementioned values plus a few extra attributes such as versatility, switchable channels, reverb, a big sound and of course, I am proud to say, all of the magical Marshall tone that you could want. The JCM2000 range is truly a testament to the Marshall legacy of great guitar products. I would like to wish you every success with all of your musical endeavours and also your new Marshall JCM2000 Triple Super Lead valve amplifier, which I am sure you will find a pleasure to play for many years to come. Yours Sincerely, Pages 1 - 6 Pages 7 - 12 Pages 13 - 18 Pages 19 - 24 Pages 25 - 30 Pages 1 - 6 Pages 7 - 12 Pages 13 - 18 Pages 19 - 24 Pages 25 - 30 TSL 60, TSL 601 & TSL 602 Valve Amplifiers ENGLISH 3 ENGLISH 2 ✪ User Hint - where you see text starting with this sign, we have described some slight technical paraphenalia in order for you to understand what is going on inside your amp and we hope will help you in creating the tone that is best for you and your amp. 1. Input Jack As most manuals state, plug your guitar in here. ✪ User Hint - Amusement aside, it is worthwhile remembering that you should use a high quality guitar lead to achieve optimum performance. If you are unsure what constitutes a high quality lead then most good music stores should be able to give you good advice, but remember, it may not be the cheapest one going! It is also worth pointing out here that how an amp sounds is VERY dependent on the type of guitar you use. For instance, a guitar with humbucker type pick-ups is not going to sound as open and clean as one with single coil type pick-ups, yet will provide that great mid range bark that we are accustomed to for rock playing. 2. Clean Gain This controls the preamp level of the clean channel, at lower .....
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