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    Programming a Second Cycle If you wish to program a second cycle, simply follow steps 2-4 again using the Cycle 2 buttons. The start time for Cycle 2 is set from the end of Cycle 1. If you make a mistake you can press the RESET button and begin again. You will need to reprogram Cycle 1 as well. Manual Watering If you wish to turn the water on manually, either to water or use the hose for another purpose, there is no need to remove the timer from the faucet. Just follow these steps. 1. Press the TIMER ON/OFF key. The unit will beep twice and go to manual mode. If the valve is open, it will close and the program currently running will be temporarily disabled. 2. To turn the water on, simply press the VALVE OPEN/CLOSE key. Pressing the key a second time will turn off the water. To return to auto mode, press the TIME ON/OFF key. The disabled program will resume but the valve will not open again until the next scheduled start time. The Melnor Aqua Timer™ Model 3020 has a built in safety feature to prevent the valve from being left open, either accidentally or intentionally. If the timer is placed in manual mode and the valve is opened, it will close automatically after 30 minutes. Beeps and Flashes One short beep and flash indicates a programming button has been pressed. This is to aid in the programming process. Two short beeps and flashes indicate an action by the timer. When you press the RESET button, the timer will emit three short beeps and flashes indicating the timer is ready to be programmed. One long beep and a sustained light indicates an error. Twenty short beeps and flashes indicates a fault condition such as a low battery or a stuck valve. Once such a condition is detected, the timer will attempt to close the valve and then emit one short beep and flash every five seconds. If the valve is jammed, the timer will repeatedly pause and re-attempt to close the valve. While in this condition, the timer will not run any watering programs. Replacing the batteries may reset the unit. The most common cause is low batteries. Operating Tips ■ Use only fresh alkaline batteries. They should last one watering season. ■ Replace batteries at the beginning of each watering season. ■ Make certain you have recently installed new batteries before leaving for an extended period. ■ Do not use rechargeable batteries. ■ Do not expose the timer to temperatures below 32° F (0° C). ■ Be careful when moving the hose. Too much pulling may damage either the faucet or hose connections. ■ Clean the filter washer regularly to prevent clogging. ■ The timer may be used with water pressures from 5 - 125 psi (0. .....
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