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    Two Year Limited Warranty The Melnor Electronic Aqua Timer (Model 3000) carries TWO YEAR (2) LIMITED WARRANTY. Melnor Inc. warrants the Product against defective material, workmanship, or design for the period of two years from the date of purchase. Its liability under this warranty shall be LIMITED TO the REPLACEMENT or REPAIR of the product as provided herein. NO OTHER REMEDY (including, but not limited to, incidental or consequential damages and injuries to persons or property) shall be available to the purchaser. This warranty does not cover damages or malfunctions which result from abuse, neglect, normal wear and tea, accidents, or improper installation or use. THE WARRANTY DESCRIBED IN THIS PARAGRAPH SHALL BE IN LIEU OF ANY OTHER WARRANTY, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. Please complete the warranty card. Using scissors cut out the completed warranty card and mail it, along with a photocopy of the sales receipt to: Melnor Inc. E.T. Warranty Department 3085 Shawnee Drive Winchester, VA 22601 If a defect arises during the TWO YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY PERIOD, in order to make your warranty claim, please send the Timer to the address above and include a note oFexplanation about the problem(s) with the Product. Please allow 6-7 weeks for return of the Product. If it is replaced, the warranty will only continue for the period remaining on the original two year limited warranty. BATTERY INSTALLATION 1. Remove rear battery compartment door by removing both screws. NOTE: Take care not to lose screws and washers. 2. Install two (2) new “AA” Alkaline batteries (not included) in the correct position as shown in rear battery compartment matching (+/-) markings. Unit will beep five (5) times. Unit will activate motor to reset it to the closed position. NOTE: Replace both batteries at beginning of season. When replacing batteries, wait two (2) minutes after removing old batteries before installing new batteries. When new batteries are installed, unit will beep 5 times and turn timer on to reset valve to closed position, and go to TIMESET mode for clock setting. 3. Replace battery door and secure with both screws and washers. NOTE: Round edge of battery door should be in down location. NOTE: To prevent corrosion, remove batteries when unit is not in use for extended periods of time. LOW BATTERY DETECTION When batteries become weak, unit will activate with one (1) long beep and will state LOW BATTERY in the screen. If unit is in open position, it will activate motor to close unit. By pressing any button, an error mes .....
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