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    Media Source 600 User Guide  Applications To connect the Media Source 600 to an analogue amplifier You can use the Media Source 600 to create an independent zone, with access to the music on your Sooloos system. Connect the Network socket to one of the LAN network connections on your Router, using a CAT5 cable. Make sure the WAN/Internet port on the Router is connected to the rest of your network, or to your Cable/DSL Modem. Connect the Analogue Out sockets from the Media Source 600 to the analogue inputs of the amplifier in the zone, using stereo phono leads. • • • If your amplifier provides balanced analogue inputs, use the balanced analogue outputs from the Media Source 600 for best performance. You can then control the music in the zone containing the Media Source 600 from the Sooloos Control, or via the iPhone or iPad control application. Advanced setup and configuration parameters can be accessed from a Meridian Sooloos Control device on your network, or from the Media Source 600’s internal web interface found by navigating to the product IP address. Speaker Speaker INPUTS INPUTS I N P U T S Router ANALOGUE IN NETWORK Sooloos Control Phono leads Internet ANALOGUE OUT SPEAKERLINK OUT SPEAKERLINK OUT Meridian Media Source 600 Amplifier NETWORK .....
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