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    1/2 DRIVE Like Deep, this LED indicates the 1/2 Drive mode has been selected. Again - connect the TriAxis switch jack to the 1/2 Drive jack on the rear left of the 290. Program it to be activated under the desired preset. When 1/2 drive is activated the 2:90's overall output is reduced by roughly half and you will hear the volume drop correspondingly. Notice that the top end gets a little brighter in a higher frequency and just starts to break up. When listening to 1/2 Drive pushing a clean sound these break-up brights may seem excessive. Switching to a high gain sound however, tells the real story right away! The top end gets softer and the harmonies line up and start to dance. The whole amp gets spongier and feels easier to play. When using 1/2 Drive for giant crunch chords it provides the haze that's hard to beat, especially when used in conjunction with the Deep feature. Half Drive was originally conceived as a way to get more gain from the power section to combine with high gain sounds in the preamp. This works beautifully. There is, however, another great way to put this feature to work that is easily overlooked. Dial up a clean sound from the pre-amp, then increase the front end gain as high as possible without pushing it into full blown distortion ... you know, just to the threshold of distortion. Trigger the 112 Drive to unleash a truly cool and bluesy medium gain lead sound. Darken or brighten to taste either at the tone controls or with the 2:90 presence controls. With an "analog" (non-programmable) pre-amp this becomes a useful "extra mode". With TriAxis many such possibilities await. As we mentioned earlier, engaging the 1/2 Drive causes a volume decrease. This is a possible problem only to non-TriAxis owners. Since the 2:90 was, from its inception, the TriAxis counterpart in a "system" to other pre-amp owners, we now apologize for any inconvenience and hope you make a B-line to your nearest MESA/Boogie Pro Center straight away to hear the TriAxis. To all you TriAxis owners, you will soon find this "could be fault" a truly great feature! You've now doubled all your great programs at lower volumes, great for choruses where the vocal needs to stand out but you want more gain or "intensity". Or you might program the TriAxis Master higher and whip the 2:90 in 1/2 Drive harder for that extra grind when moshing. Whatever your individual application, 1/2 Drive will enhance the 2:90's already toneful nature greatly. MODERN Again, this LED indicates the Modern voicing feature has been selected. Derived from the presence shift switches found on our Mark IV amplifier, and the "Red" or Modern Channel o .....
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