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    Dear customer, We thank you for having chosen the AP180 processor. This units combines a very high quality of sound reproduction to a very great ease of use. The reading of this instruction manual is not useless and will allow you to benefit the best from all the original functions of your AP180. CHECKING Check with attention the state of the carton box. If you have the slightest doubt about it do not hesitate to contact your retailer. UNPACKING Remove with the greatest care your AP180 from its box. We advise you to preserve this last in a dry place. If you must turn back your unit to your retailer, it would be necessary for you to return it in its packing of origin because the guarantee applies only to this only condition. ACCESSOIRES When opening the box you should find the following accessories : AC line cord. RC Handset LINE VOLTAGE - Check that the voltage indicated on the descriptive label on the back of the unit is matching that which serves your location. - In the contrary case please contact your approved retailer. INSTALLATION In order to benefit the maximum of all the advantages of your AP180, it is important to install it under good conditions. We advise you, as far as possible, to install the unit on the shelves of an audio rack or a piece of furniture in order to avoid any excessive heating. !!! IMPORTANT !!! If you choose, for a question of place or aesthetics, to pile up the units, it is imperative to place AP180 at the top of the pile. Never place another unit at the top of AP180; it is advised to leave an open space of approximately 30 cm to the top of that in order to ensure a good ventilation to him. CONNECTIONS After having checked that the mains voltage of AP180 is identical to that which serves your location, connect the power cord to the power inlet of the unit and the wall inlet. Connect the analog outputs of your Audio-Video sources to the analog inputs of AP180 AN1 and AN2. These inputs decode the signals coded in Dolby Pro Logic II. Connect the digital outputs of your Audio-Video sources to the digital inputs of AP180 Coax-1, Coax-2, Opto-1, Opto-2. These inputs decode the compressed data signals. Connect the Stereo Cinch cord between the outputs FRONT L+R of AP180 to the inputs of your main amplifier. If you use IA60, IA100 or IA180 as main amplifier, connect the Stereo cord to input AUX2/PRO of your amplifier. If you have an amplified sub-woofer, connect its input to the SUB output of AP180 and refer to the subwoofer manual for its implementation. If you have a centre speaker, connect to it to the speaker output labelled CENTER of AP180. Connect the left surround speaker to .....
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