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    * non contractual pictures Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing one of the 3 Micromega CD players: CD-10, CD-20, CD-30. These players are mainly different by their audio characteristics. This manual is then common for the 3 models. This unit provides ease of use and sonics of the highest quality. Please pay close attention to this instruction manual, and read it fully before attempting to operate. It is designed to ensure you maximise your pleasure of CD player and familiarise you with its many unique functions. CHECKING Check that the carton has no damage. Should you have any doubt about its condition, please do not hesitate to contact your dealer. UNPACKING Very carefully remove the unit from the box, taking care to preserve all the packing material. It is good practice to put the carton and its contents into an outer plastic bag and deposit it somewhere safe and dry. In the unlikely event that your unit needs to be sent back to either your dealer or distributor, it must be sent in the original packing material. Failure to observe this will invalidate your warranty. ACCESSORIES Upon opening the carton you should find the following: • Mains Lead. • Micromega system remote control handset • 4 batteries 1V5 / AAA MAINS VOLTAGE Check that the mains voltage indicated on both the carton and the bottom of the unit correspond to the local power supply. If you are in any doubt, consult your dealer. INSTALLATION In order to obtain the maximum performance of CD player, it is important to follow the installation instructions. Wherever possible, we recommend that the CD player is installed in an audio rack or other suitable furniture that provides sufficient ventilation. CONNECTIONS Having verified that the ON/OFF switch is on OFF position, connect the mains leads provided to the rear of the unit and to the wall socket. Connect the interconnect cable from the rear of your player to your amplifier input. Connect the Digital out if required. POWER UP You may now turn on your CD player by switching the ON/OFF switch located at the back of the unit. A message “CD” is written for a second. At first start-up, or when both keys NEXT and PREV are pressed simultaneously and when power is switched on, you can choose the displaying language of your player: Press PLAY to select French or MODE to select English. There is 5 seconds to do so, if not English language is selected by default. Then a welcoming message appears. The standby LED lightens up indicating that the unit is in standby mode. Press once the CD key of the remote control or the STANDBY key of the unit. If there is a disc, reading starts and its cont .....
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