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    4 Features Keystation has the following features: • MIDI master controller keyboard with 49 undersized keys. • On/Off Power switch • Full control of velocity, bank switching, and channel select. • GM (General MIDI) Reset button. • Change Program by paging up/down or direct access. • MIDI OUT connects to computer or directly to synthesizer. • Uses a standard 9 volt dc, 300 milliamp power adaptor. • Jack (on back) for use with an optional sustain-foot switch. What is MIDI MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) is a series of commands and messages that allow different (mostly musical devices) to talk with each other and work on the same tasks all together. MIDI is not sound. As a matter of fact, many modern applications for MIDI have nothing to do with sound. MIDI is now being used to control many different things including lighting, robotics and anything that needs to respond to real-time controls. MIDI commonly sends instruc- tions to a device to turn something on or off. It can however, also send a great deal of other information such as controller information. Controller information is used to modify many different things includ- ing pitch bend, modulation, reverb depth, volume, etc.. If you are using a computer to work with MIDI, your computer can receive and store this MIDI information using a program called a MIDI sequencer. You can think of a sequencer as a “virtual” tape recorder. Anything you play can be recorded and played back. Unlike a regular tape recorder, the sequencer can also take what you have played and change it. And if you accidentally play a wrong note, you can use the program to correct it instead of having to re-record any of your perfor- mance. If you are not a very good keyboard player you can record a part very slowly or even one note at a time, and then play it back at the right tempo so that it sounds as if you have been playing for years. One standard MIDI connection provides 16 different “channels”. Each of these channels can be used to control different sounds. GM tone mod- ules can receive on all 16 channels at the same time. Other older synthe- 5 sizers can only receive on a few channels and play only a few voices at a time. And, some of the very earliest synths can only receive on one chan- nel. If you are using an older synthesizer you will have to look at the manual to determine just what it can do. If you are interested in learning more about MIDI there are many fine books available. 6 Connecting the Keystation Connecting Keystation to a Computer Using a standard 5-pin MIDI cable connect one end to the MIDI Out jack of the Keystation and .....
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