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    ® LCD Digital Picture Frame Please read these operating instructions carefully prior to operation and keep them for later reference. 1 Applications On its TFT LCD screen, the DPF-170 will allow to dis- play pictures and change them automatically after a time to be adjusted (slide show). For this purpose, the pictures must be available in JPEG format on a mem- ory card (SD, SDHC, MMC or MS). 2 Safety Notes The units (picture frame, power supply unit and remote control) correspond to all required directives of the EU and are therefore marked with . G The units are suitable for indoor use only. Protect them against dripping water and splash water, high air humidity and heat (admissible ambient tempera- ture range 0 – 40 °C). G Do not operate the picture frame and immediately disconnect the power supply unit from the socket 1. if the picture frame or the power supply unit is vis- ibly damaged, 2. if a defect might have occurred after the unit was dropped or suffered a similar accident, 3. if malfunctions occur. In any case the units must be repaired by skilled per- sonnel. G For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth; never use water or chemicals. G No guarantee claims for the units and no liability for any resulting personal damage or material damage will be accepted if the units are used for other pur- poses than originally intended, if they are not cor- rectly operated, or if they are not repaired in an expert way. If the units are to be put out of operation defin- itively, take them to a local recycling plant for a disposal which will not be harmful to the environment. WARNING The power supply unit uses dangerous mains voltage. Leave servicing to skilled personnel only. Inexpert handling or modification of the unit may result in electric shock. 3 Setting the Picture Frame into Operation 1) The DPF-170 is supplied with two slip-on face- plates (one in silver, one in black). Replace the faceplate, if required. 2) Screw on the bracket (8) for the picture frame via the locking screw (1) on the rear side and position it so that the picture frame will be set up in a slightly inclined way. 3) Connect the plug of the power supply unit to the jack DC 5 V (6) and connect the power supply unit to a socket (100 – 240 V~/50 – 60 Hz). 4) Switch on the display with the button (9) on the remote control or with the button (5) on the pic- ture frame. If no memory card is inserted, a test pat- tern will appear. 5) Insert a memory card with digital pictures in JPEG format into the slot SD/MMC/MS (7) in such a way that the contacts of the card will point downwards and towards the slot. The card will be loaded imme- dia .....
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