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Monacor IRS 200



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  • Infrarot Reflexionslichtschranke mit Signalton Monacor IRS 200

  • Vorschau Monacor IRS 200 Handbuch:
    Infrared Reflection Light Barrier with Audio Signal Please read these operating instructions carefully prior to installing and operating the light barrier. Thus, you will get to know all functions of the unit, operating errors will be prevented, and yourself and the unit will be protected against any damage caused by improper use. Please keep the operating instructions for later use. 1 Applications This reflection light barrier serves for detecting per- sons or objects, e. g. for security surveillance of en- trance doors. It operates with infrared light at a maxi- mum reflector distance of 7 m. When the light beam is interrupted on its way from the transmitter (5) via the reflector (1) to the receiver (7), a signal (2-tone chime or siren) will sound via the speaker (12). The volume of the signals and the duration of the siren signal are adjustable. An output jack allows connection of an additional unit for evaluating the interruption of the light beam (e.g. counting device). 2 Safety Notes The light barrier corresponds to the directive for elec- tromagnetic compatibility 89/336/EEC. The power supply unit supplied also corresponds to the low volt- age directive 73/23/EEC. Please observe the following items in any case: ● The units are suitable for indoor use only. Protect them against dripping water and splash water, high air humidity, and heat (admissible ambient tempera- ture range 0 – 40 °C). ● Do not operate the light barrier and immediately dis- connect the power supply unit from the socket 1. in case of visible damage to the units, 2. if a defect might have occurred after a unit was dropped or suffered a similar accident, 3. if malfunctions occur. In any case the units must be repaired by skilled per- sonnel. ● As long as the power supply unit is connected to a live socket, it will have a low power consumption. ● For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth; never use water or chemicals. ● No guarantee claims for the light barrier and no lia- bility for any resulting personal damage or material damage will be accepted if the light barrier is used for other purposes than originally intended, if it is not correctly installed, or not repaired in an expert way. WARNING The plug-in power supply unit is supplied with hazardous mains voltage (230 V~). Never make any modification on the power supply unit, otherwise you will risk an electric shock! 3 Installation Notes concerning the place of installation – When using several light barriers, install them in such a way that they will not interfere with one an- other. – For objects with a reflective surface, the light barri- er should be installed .....
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