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    Infrared Thermometer Please read these operating instructions carefully prior to operating the unit and keep them for later reference. 1 Operating Elements 1 LC display (→ fig. 2) A Indication SCAN during measuring B Indication HOLD in the data hold mode C Laser symbol D Measured value E Measuring unit (°C or °F); to be selected via a selector switch in the battery compartment F Battery symbol in case of weak battery G Maximum measured value H Emissivity ɛ = 0.95 2 Infrared sensor and laser exit openings 3 Activator to carry out a measurement 4 Handle with integrated battery compartment; to open the compartment, unfold the front part of the handle 2 Safety Notes The unit corresponds to all required directives of the EU and is therefore marked with . Observe the following items in any case: G Keep the unit out of childrenʼs reach! G The unit is suitable for indoor use only. Protect it against humidity and heat (admissible ambient tem- perature range 0 – 50 °C). In case of abrupt changes of the ambient temperature the unit needs up to 30 minutes until it has adapted itself to the new tem- perature. G For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth, never use chemicals or water. G No guarantee claims for the unit and no liability for any resulting personal damage or material damage will be accepted if the unit is used for other purposes than originally intended, if it is not correctly operated or not repaired in an expert way. 3 Applications The thermometer IRT-450 serves for measuring the sur- face temperature of objects. The contactless operation is especially suitable for measuring moving or hot ob- jects or objects difficult to access. It is not suitable for medical applications! 3.1 Functional principle Measuring is made by evaluating the infrared radiation of the object to be measured. The infrared radiation de- pends on the surface temperature and on the infrared emissivity (ɛ) of the object which may be between 0 and 1 depending on the material and surface condition. The thermometer is adjusted to the value of 0.95. Thus, 90 % of all typical applications can be made. For your infor- mation table 4 shows the emissivity of different ma- terials. A dual laser beam is provided for exact aligning of the unit towards the measuring surface. 4 Inserting a Battery The front part of the handle (4) is the cover of the battery compartment which has to be unfolded in forward direc- tion to insert the battery (9 V). Place the battery contacts on the battery and accommodate the battery in the com- partment. Close the cover. To protect the unit against damage in case the battery should leak, remove the battery f .....
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