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    Switch Mode Power Supply Unit Please read these operating instructions carefully prior to operating the unit and keep them for later reference. 1 Applications This power supply unit is used for direct current supply of small units with an operating voltage between 3 V and 12 V and a maximum current consumption of: PSS-600E 600 mA PSS-1000E 1000 mA (1 A) PSS-1500E 1500 mA (1.5 A) The output voltage is adjustable to 3 V, 4.5 V, 5 V, 6 V, 7.5 V, 9 V or 12 V. The unit is protected against short cir- cuit, overload and overheating. The special feature of the power supply unit is its extra low current consumption (< 0.3 W) when the unit connected has been switched off. 2 Safety Notes This unit corresponds to all required directives of the EU and is therefore marked with . G The unit is suitable for indoor use only. Protect it against dripping water and splash water, high air humidity and heat (admissible ambient temperature range 0 – 40 °C). G Do not operate the unit or immediately disconnect the plug from the mains socket 1. if the unit is visibly damaged, 2. if a defect might have occurred after the unit was dropped or suffered a similar accident, 3. if malfunctions occur. In any case the unit must be repaired by skilled per- sonnel. G For cleaning only use a dry, soft cloth; never use chem- icals or water. G No guarantee claims for the unit and no liability for any resulting personal damage or material damage will be accepted if the unit is used for other purposes than originally intended, if it is not correctly connected, if it is overloaded or if it is not repaired in an expert way. If the unit is to be put out of operation defini- tively, take it to a local recycling plant for a dis- posal which is not harmful to the environment. WARNING The unit uses dangerous mains voltage. Leave servicing to skilled personnel only. Inexpert handling unit may result in elec- tric shock. PSS-600E PSS-1000E PSS-1500E 3 Operation 1) Determine the operating voltage of the unit to be sup- plied with power ( marking of the power supply jack of the unit) and adjust the voltage by turning the switch (3) with the key supplied (2). 2) Select the matching adapter from the 7 adapters sup- plied: 3) Determine the position of the positive and negative poles at the power supply jack of the unit to be con- nected ( marking of the jack) and connect the adapter to the inline jack (1) accordingly. With this marking or a similar marking of the power supply jack, the positive pole must be at the tip or at the inner contact of the adapter: Connect the adapter to the inline jack in such a way that the arrow of the inline jack will point .....
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