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    MULTIlight # 7 3020 MULTIPLEX Modellsport GmbH & Co.KG • Westliche Gewerbestraße 1 • D-75015 Bretten (Gölshausen) • Seite 2/6 Anleitung MULTIlight # 82 6018 (10-01-28 THBR) Irrtum und Änderung vorbehalten! ¤ MULTIPLEX ! These operating instructions are an integral part of the product, and contain important information and safety notes. Please store them in a safe place, where you can find them at any time, and pass them on to the new owner if you sell the receiver. 1. SPECIFICATION MULTIlight Order No. # 7 3020 Angle of reflected beam ( LEDs) 110° ! Current drain approx. 3,5 / 23 / 31 mA Operating voltage 4,7 V … 12,6 V Î 3 - 8 Zellen NiCd / NiMH (NiXX) Î 2S LiPo / LiIo Betriebstemperatur- bereich - 20°C … + 70°C Gewicht (ohne LEDs) 9 g Dimensions approx. 45 x 20 x 10 mm 2. SAFETY NOTES ! Please read the instructions before using the receiver. ! Use the MULTIlight only for the intended applications. ! Ensure the power supply is of adequate capacity. 3. APPLIANCE The MULTIlight provides an attractive means of lighting up your model. The module should be connected to a vacant receiver socket; or direct to a battery-pack ( 4,7 – 12,6 V) a switched channel is ideal for turning the MULTIlight on and off With a 3- position switch the light can be switched off completely, or the 2 red and 1 green LED, or all LEDs can be switched on. If you have no spare auxiliary receiver channels, simply connect the module to any receiver channel; it will then operate as soon as the power supply to the receiver is switched on. In this case you must cut off the signal-cable, then MULTIlight will be supplied just with current but no signal is provided. Installing the system in a foam model: use a sharp knife to cut a slot to house the LED cable. Apply adhesive tape over the slot once you have pressed the cable into it. Since the red LEDs operate on a lower voltage, it important to avoid mixing them up. Note also that only a white or green LED may be connected to the vacant socket. If you wish to install the LEDs in detachable components (such as wing panels), we recommend that you use our extension leads, as the pins of the MULTIlight module are not designed to be constantly connected and disconnected. We offer the following matching extension leads: 150 mm # 8 5019, 300 mm # 8 5031, 400 mm # 8 5029, 600 mm # 8 5032, 1200 mm # 8 5033. If you are using a 35 MHz or 40 MHz RC system, please take care not to deploy the receiver aerial parallel with and close to the LED wiring. We recommend that you route the aerial out of the fuselage, and attach it to the top of the fin. 4. CE CONFORMITY DE .....
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