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    A3.2 CR Power Instructions for Use Page 4 of 7 Issue 1: April 2002 CONNECTIONS AND FACILITIES RIGHT INPUT RIGHT LOOP OUTPUT LEFT LOOP OUTPUT LEFT INPUT MUSICAL FIDELITY A3.2 DUAL MONO POWER AMPLIFIER C R MANUFACTURED IN ENGLAND BY MUSICAL FIDELITY THISAPPLIANCE MUST BE EARTHED CAUTION MOUNT UNIT ON SOLID SURFACE. DO NOT REMOVE SCREWS OR COVERS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. NO USER SERVICEABLE COMPONENTS INSIDE. REFER SERVICING TO QUALIFIED ENGINEER. SEE OWNERS MANUAL FOR FURTHER INFORMATION. CC POWER CONSUMPTION 600W RIGHT SPEAKER OUTPUT LEFT SPEAKER OUTPUT + - - + - - + + IMPORTANT 50/60 Hz SERIAL NUMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Front panel layout Back panel layout 1 Right speaker outputs (two) 2 Right input 3 Right loop output (see page 5) 4 Left loop output (see page 5) 5 Left input 6 Left speaker outputs (two) 7 IEC mains inlet POWER MUSICAL FIDELITY A3.2 DUAL MONO POWER AMPLIFIER C R Power on indicator LED Power on/off switch A3.2 CR Power Instructions for Use Page 5 of 7 All input, output and power connections should be made with the mains power switched OFF. INPUT CONNECTIONS The A3.2 CR Power amplifier can be used with a preamplifier or any line level source which has a volume control. We highly recommend the matching A3.2 CR pream- plifier available from Musical Fidelity. Connect the left and right outputs from your pre-amp or other line level source to the RCA inputs on the back panel marked as LEFT and RIGHT Line Inputs. The corresponding LOOP OUTPUT sockets are directly connected inside the unit to duplicate the line inputs. This is to enable onward connection to another amplifier, for example when used for “bi-amplification”. For the best results we recommend that you use either Musical Fidelity X-LINX “no-nonsense” cables for this connection or the highly rated Nu-Vista interconnects with integral RFI suppression. Various lengths are available in the Nu-Vista inter- connect range. LOUDSPEAKER CONNECTIONS Connect your loudspeakers to either of the two pairs of loudspeaker terminals situated on the back panel marked as LEFT and RIGHT SPEAKER OUTPUT. The wiring must be “in phase”, namely, the + and - terminals must be connected to the left and right speakers the same way round. Note: - the combined load impedance must not be less than 4 ohms. Issue 1: April 2002 BEFORE SWITCHING ON. . . . . Plug the accessory IEC mains lead into the rear panel socket, then the other end into a convenient wall outlet. Turn the volume control on your preampli- fier to minimum, and switch on its power. OPERATION Press the POWER switch on the front panel of the A3.2 CR - the red POWER LED will light to confirm that .....
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