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Musical Fidelity 

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    A3CR preamplifier Instructions for Use. Page 4 of 9 CONNECTIONS AND FACILITIES issue 2/12.10.2000 MUSICAL FIDELITY A3 DUAL MONO PREAMPLIFIER CR T H I S A P P L I A N C E E A R T H E D M U S T B E 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 A3CR preamplifier front panel layout 1 Power on indicator LED 2 Power on/off switch 3 Mute LED 4 Volume control 5 Infra red receiver 6 Phono input select button and LED 7 CD input select button and LED 8 Tuner input select button and LED 9 AUX input select button and LED 10 SACD input select button and LED 11 TAPE input select button and LED 12 Tape monitor button and LED A3CR preamplifier back panel layout 13 RIGHT output 14 Phono earth connection 15 MM/MC selection switch 16 Phono input 17 CD input 18 Tuner input 19 AUX input 20 SACD input 21 TAPE input 22 TAPE RECORD output 23 LEFT output 24 IEC mains inlet POWER MUSICAL FIDELITY A3 DUAL MONO PREAMPLIFIER CR TUNER IRR PHONO CD MONITOR SACD AUX TAPE 1 2 3 4 6 5 7 8 9 10 12 11 issue 2/12.10.2000 CONNECTIONS A3CR preamplifier Instructions for Use. Page 5 of 9 Before switching on the stereo system please read carefully the instructions on the following pages. The functional arrange- ment of the controls makes the stereo sys- tem easy to operate. You should neverthe- less study these instructions to get the best from your equipment. BEFORE YOU SWITCH ON You should make all connections to the A3CR preamplifier before switching on. Follow this routine before you listen for the first time, and each time you change any connections. 1 Check all the inputs and outputs to the A3CR preamplifier. 2 Then check again. 3 Turn the volume control to minimum. 4 Now you can switch on the power. Wait for the power-up mute circuit to switch off. approx. (15 to 20 seconds) The red LED in the vol- ume control will now light. Carefully advance the volume to the level you want and enjoy the music. NOTE If the unit was switched off while muted by the remote control, it will still be muted next time it is switched on. Press MUTE on the remote con- trol to switch mute off. (LED on is mute off, LED off is mute on) For connecting the inputs or the outputs Musical Fidelity recommend either the 600mm X-LINX signal interconnects or the highly rated Nu-Vista interconnects with integral RFI suppression. Various lengths are available in Nu-Vista intercon- nect cables. Please contact your local dealer for more information OUTPUT CONNECTIONS All connections should be made with the power OFF. The A3CR preamplifier has a right hand line output and a left hand line output. Plug the Red phono plug into the right out- put and the other plug into the left output. Now .....
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