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    Issue 1 : January 2005 kW Phono Pre-Amplifier Instructions for use Page 4 of 7 CONNECTIONS and FACILITIES 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 1 FRONT PANEL 1 Illuminated feet with multi-colour indicator LEDs (see page 6) 2 POWER mains on/off push switch 3 Power on indicator LED 4 Moving Magnet / Moving Coil input selection button (see page 6) 5 Moving Magnet input indicator LED 6 Moving Coil input indicator LED 7 RIAA compensation indicator LED 8 IEC compensation indicator LED 9 RIAA / IEC compensation selection button (see page 6) REAR PANEL 10 Moving Coil input socket - right channel 11 Moving Magnet input socket - left channel 12 Moving Coil input socket - left channel 13 Mains inlet socket - IEC type (10 Amp) 14 Moving Magnet input socket - right channel 15 Moving Magnet impedance selection switch - right channel (see page 6) 16 Moving Coil LOADING selection switch - right channel (see page 6) 17 Phono chassis earth terminal 18 Moving Magnet impedance selection switches - left channel (see page 6) 19 Moving Coil LOADING selection switch - left channel (see page 6) 20 Audio output socket - RIGHT channel 21 Audio output socket - LEFT channel 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 Issue 1 : January 2005 kW Phono Pre-Amplifier Instructions for use Page 5 of 7 CONNECTIONS All input, output and power connections should be made with the mains power switched OFF. INPUT CONNECTIONS The rear panel of your kW Phono pre- amplifier has two pairs of phono input sockets, one pair for left and right moving magnet (MM) and the other pair for moving coil (MC) pickup cartridges. (See also page 6, MM / MC switching). Two sets of switches located on the rear panel are for optimising phono performance as follow: MC (only): Input loading can be changed as required by sliding the LOADING switch underneath the PHONO MC input socket between the 100 Ohms and 10 Ohms options. Both positions have an input capacitance of 470pF. MM (only): A four-way switch underneath the PHONO MM input socket is for matching the characteristics of your phono pickup and lead to the kW Phono. When all the switches are off (up), the input impedance is 68K Ohms in parallel with 47pF capacitance. When each individual lever is moved downwards, loading of the MM phono input circuit changes as shown by adjacent graphics on the rear panel (see also specification on page 7). If you are not sure which combination to select, please consult your dealer. Some turntables or pickup arms are fitted with an extra wire for chassis earthing. This should be connected to the chassis earth terminal on the back panel. (Note : this is not a safety earth). OUTPUT CONNECTIONS The kW Phono ha .....
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