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    INTRODUCTION Nu-Vista 300 Power Amp "breaks the rules" to offer ground-breaking per- formance The Nu-Vista 300 power amp is the heir apparent to the great tradition of British electrical and mechanical engineering excellence. It is also proof positive that those who understand the rules of amplifier design best, can break them with the best results. Designed to complement the Nu-Vista preamplifier, which notched up new preamp standards, the Nu-Vista 300 power amp sets new standards for power ampli- fiers. This is achieved in several ways: through the use of a sophisticated, hybrid nuvistor circuit, which can produce huge peak currents and massive power levels. By using a unique choke-regulated power sup- ply. And by flying in the face of convention in the physical layout of such a massive power amp. The results speak for themselves. The Nu-Vista 300 top end is extended and beautifully clear, the midrange is pure and as transparent as the finest optical crystal and the bottom end extends down virtually to infinity. Resolution and definition have integrity to electron -microscope-level detail. And for all practical purposes, the Nu-Vista 300 power amp has no dynamic range limits. The Nu-Vista 300 is a big power amp with unlimited headroom, massive power, high current, low distortion, high stability margins and obsessive attention to magnetic flux. This is not an amplifier for the timid. Design objectives of the Nu-Vista 300 power amp 1. Sound quality 2. Low distortion with low feedback 3. High power and high current 4. Stability margins 5. Consistency 6. Build quality and aesthetics 1) Sound quality The Nu-Vista 300 power amp sets new standards for audio electronics because it is able to transfer the purity and clarity of the Nu-Vista preamp to the loudspeakers. To achieve this, the Nu-Vista 300 has very wide bandwidth coupled with low distortion and a huge dynamic range. Due, in part, to its very high input imped- ance and sophisticated circuit, the top end of the Nu-Vista 300 is remarkably lucid and extended. There is no grain, no distor- tion, no harshness of any sort - and no power limit. The Nu-Vista 300 simply delivers to the loudspeakers an amplified version of exactly what is fed into it. The midrange is simply pure, with no colouration and no grain. The effect is like looking through the purest form of opti- cal crystal. You know it's there, but it's vir- tually invisible. Similarly, with the Nu- Vista 300, there are no intrusions. The bottom end is profoundly extended. It is also extremely fast, with not a hint of overhang. It has speed, slam and attack. It is all but impossible to clip or overd .....
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