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    Nu-Vista M3 Instructions for Use. Page 4 of 10 CONNECTIONS AND FACILITIES 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Nu-Vista M3 front panel layout 1 Volume control 2 Left Preamp power LED 3 Left PSU LED 4 Tape monitor button 5 Infra red receiver lens 6 Right PSU LED 7 Right Preamp power LED 8 Input select control Nu-Vista M3 back panel layout 9 RIGHT speaker outputs 10 PREAMP output 11 TAPE RECORD output 12 TAPE input 13 AUX input 14 Tuner input 15 SACD input 16 CD input 17 Phono input 18 LEFT speaker outputs 19 Right power amp PSU input 20 Preamp PSU input 21 Phono earth terminal 22 Left power amp PSU input 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 issue 1/26.10.2000 Nu-Vista M3 Instructions for Use. Page 5 of 10 CONNECTIONS AND FACILITIES 6 7 8 9 3 4 5 1 2 Nu-Vista M3 PSU front panel layout 1 Mains on/off switch 2 Power LED Nu-Vista M3 PSU back panel layout 3 Right power amp PSU output 4 Preamp PSU output 5 Left power amp PSU output 6 Right power amp PSU fuse 7 Preamp PSU fuse 8 Left power amp PSU fuse 9 16A mains inlet issue 1/26.10.2000 P O W E R S U P P L Y U N I T CONNECTIONS Nu-Vista M3 Instructions for Use. Page 6 of 10 WARNING THE NU-VISTA M3 IS A POWER- FUL AMPLIFIER AND IS DESIGNED TO SUPPLY HIGH VOLTAGES AND HIGH CUR- RENTS THROUGH THE LOUD- SPEAKER TERMINALS. THEREFORE TO AVOID ANY POSSIBILITY OF AN ELECTRIC SHOCK DO NOT TOUCH THE SPEAKER TERMINALS WHEN THE UNIT IS BEING USED. issue 1/26.10.2000 CONNECTIONS All connections should be made with the power OFF, i.e. before the mains lead is plugged in and the unit switched on. PSU to Amplifier Connections The Nu-Vista M3 is supplied with 2 com- plete sets of power supply connecting leads. One of the sets is 0.7M long the other 1.2M long. Choose the length that best suits your installation. The two power amplifier PSU leads are identical. a) One of these leads connects the right PSU output to the right PSU input on the amplifier. b) The other one connects the left PSU output to the left PSU input on the amplifier. Push the connectors into the sockets and twist until they click in to place. c) The third lead in each set is to con- nect the preamp PSU output to the preamp PSU input on the main amplifier. Push the connectors into the sockets. How to connect your Nu-Vista M3 for Normal Stereo use. LINE LEVEL I/P CONNECTION The Nu-Vista M3 has 5 line level inputs - CD, Tuner, Aux, SACD, and Tape. and 1 phono input which can be used for moving magnet (MM) cartridges. All line level inputs are electrically identi- cal and are suitable for use with any source component with an output voltage in the hundreds of millivolts (mV). This includes CD players, Super Audio CD players (S .....
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