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    Instructions For Use. Page 4 X-A1 INSTALLATION INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS Your new X-A1 is designed and built to provide trouble-free performance but as with all electronic devices it is necessary to observe a few precautions. Please ensure that you have complied with them before you connect any AC power to your ampli- fier. Retain this guide for future reference. þ Heed all warnings on the back of the unit. þ þ Place your X-A1 where there is adequate ventilation. þ þ Only connect the unit to a power supply of the type marked on the back of the unit. þ þ Position the power supply lead and signal interconnect leads where they are not likely to be walked on or trapped by items placed on them. ý ý Do not use near water. ý ý Do not place the amplifier near direct heat sources such as radiators or other equipment that produces heat. ý ý Do not remove any covers or try to gain access to the inside. The war- ranty will be invalid if the unit has been tampered with. There are no user adjustments within. Refer all service work to an authorised Musical Fidelity agent. ý ý There are fuses in the X-A1. In the unlikely event that one blows, take your X-A1 to your audio dealer. Do NOT try to replace the fuse yourself or you will invalidate the warranty. BEFORE YOU SWITCH ON You should make all connections to the X-A1 before switching on. Follow this routine before you listen for the first time, and each time you change any connections. 1 Check all the inputs and outputs to the X-A1. 2 Then check again. 3 Turn the volume control to nil. 4 Now you can switch on the power and carefully advance the volume to the level you want and enjoy the music. Instructions For Use. Page 5 X-A1 CONNECTIONS To record simply select the required source with the source selector knob on the front panel. The selected source will now be sent to the 'Tape Record' output for record- ing by the attached tape machine. Youwillalsobeabletoheartheselected source through the loudspeakers. Note - you can adjust the listening level with the volume control without affecting the recording level. OFF TAPE MONITORING In conjunction with a 3-head cassette deck, off-tape monitoring allows the user to compare the recorded to original sound whilst a recording is made. Todothisfirstselecttherequiredsource in the normal way and start recording. The Tape Monitor button on the front panel can now be used to switch between the source signal and the recorded signal allowing direct comparison. Note that tape (the recorded signal) is selected when this button is in. On some 3- head cassette decks there is an additional 'tape/source' switch which will ne .....
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