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    Instructions For Use. Page 4 X-P100 INSTALLATION INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS Your new X-P100 is designed and built to provide trouble-free performance but as with all electronic devices it is necessary to observe a few precautions. Please ensure that you have complied with them before you connect any AC power to your amplifier. Retain this guide for future reference. þ Heed all warnings on the back of the unit. þ þ Place your X-P100 where there is adequate ventilation. þ þ Only connect the unit to a power supply of the type marked on the back of the unit. þ þ Position the power supply lead and signal interconnect leads where they are not likely to be walked on or trapped by items placed on them. ý ý Do not use near water. ý ý Do not place the units near direct heat sources such as radiators or other equipment that produces heat. ý ý Do not remove any covers or try to gain access to the inside. The war- ranty will be invalid if the unit has been tampered with. There are no user adjustments within. Refer all service work to an authorised Musical Fidelity agent. BEFORE YOU SWITCH ON You should make all connections to the X-P100 before switching on. Follow this routine before you listen for the first time, and each time you change any connections. 1 Check all the inputs and outputs to the X-P100. 2 Then check again. 3 Turn the volume control to nil. 4 Now you can switch on the power and carefully advance the volume to the level you want and enjoy the music. Instructions For Use. Page 5 X-P100 CONNECTIONS INTRODUCTION Congratulations on your purchase of an X-P100 remote control Class A preamplifier. The X-P100 is a new model based on our innovative and now very highly regarded Nu-Vista valve preamp but using Field Effect Transistors in place of the Nuvistor valves used in that model. These transistors were carefully selected from the great many alternatives we tested because of their close similarity in both measured perfomance and sonic fingerprint to the 6CW4 Nuvistor. We feel that the X-P100 offers a very similar level of sonic fidelity to the Nu-Vista but at the reduced cost afforded by the choice of FET devices. The X-P100 preamp also features full remote control and a high quality discrete MM phono stage. EXTERNAL POWER SUPPLY AND SETTING UP The X-P100 is supplied with an external power supply which is connected to the main unit via an umbilical lead termi- nated in an XLR/Cannon type plug. This lead should be connected to the socket on the back of the X-P100 main unit. Caution - This power supply is for use only with the Musical Fidelity X-P100. Do not plug the power supply into any other u .....
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