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    X-PLORA Instructions For Use. Page 4 FACILITIES AND CONNECTIONS FRONT PANEL 1 POWER mains on/off switch 2 Tuner display 3 STORE button 4 MODE button 5 TUNE DOWN button 6 TUNE UP button 7 STEREO/MONO button REAR PANEL 8 Right AUDIO OUTPUT 9 Left AUDIO OUTPUT 10 75 ohm AERIAL Socket 11 IEC type mains inlet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 17 18 19 20 12 13 14 15 16 REMOTE CONTROL 12 DISPLAY button 13 TUNE UP button 14 TUNE DOWN button 15 STEREO/MONO button 16 RDS ON/OFF button 17 LOCAL/DX button 18 SIGNAL STRENGTH button 19 MODE button 20 STORE button X-PLORA Instructions For Use. Page 5 INSTALLATION PRECAUTIONS Your new X-PLORA is designed and built to provide trouble-free performance but it is sensible to observe a few precautions. Please ensure that you have complied with them before you connect any AC power to your system. Retain this guide for future reference. GENERAL ADVICE þ Heed all warnings on the back of the unit. þ þ Only connect the unit to a power supply of the type marked on the back of the unit. þ þ Position the power supply lead and signal in- terconnect leads where they are not likely to be walked on or trapped by items placed on them. ý ý Do not use near water. ý ý Do not place the X-PLORA near direct heat sources such as radiators or other equipment that pro- duces heat. ý ý Do not remove any covers or try to gain access to the inside. The warranty will be invalid if the unit has been tampered with. There are no user adjustments within. Referallservicework to an authorised Musical Fidelity agent. The remote control enables you to activate the main functions of the tuner from the comfort of your armchair. Several of the functions described in this manual are only available on the remote handset. Identical inscriptions on the remote control and tuner denote identical func- tions. The following should be noted when operating the tuner using the remote control. - Point the remote control (transmitter) towards the display on the tuner. - Visual contact must exist between the transmitter and receiver. - If the range of the remote control decreases dramatically, replace the batteries with new ones. Before Switching on the Stereo System Please read carefully the instructions on the following pages. The functional arrangement of the controls makes the stereo system fairly easy to operate. You should nevertheless study these instructions carefully. Important! Unauthorised opening of the equipment will invalidate any warranty claims. Note: To help your dealer identify your tuner if after-sales service is required, please quote the serial number printed on the rear panel of the unit. X-PLORA I .....
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