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    2 § CONTENTS § Introduction 2 § Installation and safety notes 2 § Accessories 2 § Setting up your system 3 § Rear Panel connections 3 § Operating your system 5 § Front panel controls 5 § Remote control handset operation 7 § Setup menus - Introduction 8 § Audio setup menu 9 § Speaker setup menu 9 § Source setup menu 10 § Display setup menu 11 § Trigger setup menu 11 § Using the remote control in CD and DVD modes 12 § Re-programming the remote 12 § Installing and replacing batteries 12 § Zone B operation 13 § Trouble-shooting guide 13 § APPENDIX: Details of decoding and processing modes 14 § Specifications 15 INTRODUCTION The Myryad MXD6000 Digital Preamplifier- Processor has been designed to offer a combination of high quality audio and video performance with simple yet elegant styling. The MXD6000 forms the heart of a high-end home cinema and audio system and should be used with high quality power amplifiers such as the Myryad MXA 2150, MXA 3150, MXA5150 and MXA 7150 two, three, five and seven channel power amplifiers. The MXD6000 can decode a wide variety of discrete surround material including Dolby Digital1 , Dolby Digital Surround EX1 , DTS2 , DTS-ES Matrix and Discrete2 , DTS Neo:6 2 and a proprietary mode “Surround 6.1” – together with the ability to down-mix any source to mono or stereo. It also functions as a high quality stereo preamplifier and any stereo analogue source can be sampled at 48kHz for further digital processing, or at 96kHz for the best sound quality without any further processing. The 7.1 channel input is equipped with comprehensive volume control facilities and ensures that the MXD6000 will remain compatible with new multi-channel formats as they appear – as well as providing a “pure analogue” bypass input for audiophile analogue sources such as DVD-Audio and SACD. The MXD6000 also has several music modes that may be used to enhance a normal two channel stereo signal. These modes include Dolby Pro Logic1 , Dolby Pro Logic II 1 , DTS Neo:6 2 , and two “music” modes: Natural, and Party. The MXD6000 can accept up to six digital input sources, eight line-level input sources, plus a tape loop and two additional record outputs. It has six composite and S-Video inputs, composite and S-Video monitor outputs, composite and S-video record outputs and an S-Video monitor output without OSD (On Screen Display) for highest quality video performance. In addition there are Zone B stereo analogue audio and composite video outputs which can convey a separately selected programme to a second room. The MXD6000 automatically senses the type of the incoming digit .....
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