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    CD PLAYER QUICK SETUP (ENGLISH) 1. Make sure all items listed on the front of this guide were in the box. 2. READ SAFETY INSTRUCTION BOOKLET BEFORE USING THE PRODUCT. 3. Study this setup diagram. 4. Place mixer in an appropriate position for operation. 5. Make sure all devices are turned off and all faders and gain knobs are set to “zero” 6. Connect all stereo input sources as indicated in the diagram, your microphone, and headphones 7. Connect the stereo outputs to power amplifier(s), tape decks, and/or other audio sources. 8. Plug all devices into AC power. 9. Switch everything on in the following order. • audio input sources (i.e. turntables or CD players) • mixer • last, any amplifiers or output devices 10. When turning off, always reverse this operation by, • turning off amplifiers • mixer • last, any input devices 11. Go to for product registration. More information about this product may be found at FEATURES: 1. PLAY/STUTTER- Starts the music from the initial cue point. 2. PAUSE- Pauses the music. 3. CUE- Returns and pauses the music at the last set cue point. The cue point is where the music will begin when play is pressed. The cue point is the beginning of a track or can be set when play is started after the music is paused. For instance if the music is paused then Play is pressed, a new cue point is set. You can easily edit the cue point by turning the wheel during pause. As you rotate the wheel the music will sound. By stopping the wheel and pressing play a new point is set. Alternately pressing the PLAY button and the CUE button allows the CD to be played from the same position any number of times. Note: Pressing cue 2 times plays music temporarily from this point until the button is released. 4. JOG WHEEL- Cue Function: As explained under “CUE”, when the music is paused and you rotate the wheel, music will sound. By pressing play a new cue point is set. Search Function: As explained under “SEARCH BUTTON”, when search is pressed and you rotate the wheel, the music will rapidly scan the music to find a cue point. Pitch Bend Function: allows the user to temporarily change the speed of the music to align beats. When the beats of the music of the CD you wish to match is fast compared to the tempo of the other music rotate the jog wheel counter clockwise (to the left). When the CD is behind rotate the jog wheel clockwise (to the right). The pitch changes temporarily while the jog wheel is rotated. The faster you rotate the wheel the more pitch is changed. Releasing the wheel results in a return to the original pitch. 5. LCD DISP .....
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