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    DM2002X CONGRATULATIONS! You have purchased the DM2002X PRO MASTER MIX Stereo Mixer by Numark. This equipment features a completely new design and the latest in manufacturing technology to give you greater quality and better reliability than ever before. The DM2002X has been designed by DJs for Djs. It’s is the Scratch Mixers Dream Machine with absolute total mix and effect control. Enjoy your new mixer and remember: BE CREATIVE! Thank you for buying Numark DJ products! FEATURES... • Rotatable Input Select Toggles • Crossfader Reverse switch • 3 Phono Inputs with low-noise RIAA preamps • 5 Line Inputs • DJ Mic Input • -35DB KILL switches for Bass, Middle, & Treble on each channel • Bass, Middle & Treble controls on each channel with -30dB “Cut” ability on each control for special effects and creative mixing • Individual Gain Controls on each channel. • User replaceable crossfader • Transform buttons on Channels 2 and 3 • Monitor/Zone Level Control • Pushbutton Cueing with PFL (pre-fader level) on each channel • Send on each channel for easily hooking up an external sampler • Same height as TT1700 and TT1910 turntables • 9.5” / 24 cm wide. • Console inclined to raise above tone arm • Rugged construction • 12V BNC light connector Numark - The Proven Leader in DJ Technology ©1997 Numark Industries 4 DM2002X IMPORTANT INFORMATION... Please read this entire manual before connecting the DM2002X to your system. For optimum performance: • Always make sure that AC power is OFF while making any connections. • Do not use excessively long cables (i.e. over 50ft/14m) Be sure plugs and jacks are tightly mated. Loose connections can cause hum, noise or intermittents that could easily damage your speakers. • Never use spray cleaners on the slide controls. Residues cause excessive dirt build-up and this will void your warranty. In normal use slide controls can last for many years. If they malfunction (usually because of a dirty or dusty environment) consult a professional technician. • Never attempt to make any adjustments or repairs other than those described in this manual. Take the DM2002X to your dealer or to an authorized Numark Service Center. A NOTE ON CABLES: Make the input and output connections with readily available low-capacitance stereo cables. Quality cable makes a big difference in audio fidelity and punch. See your Numark dealer or an electronics or audio specialist store if you are not sure which cables to get. SYSTEM PRECAUTIONS • Use appropriate cables throughout your system: Quality shielded audio cables and terminated shie .....
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