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    2 INTRODUCTION Thank you for the purchase of the PM-2. Opera Audio welcomes you to the growing number of discerning audiophiles who own Opera Audio products. This manual has been prepared to help you to maximize your enjoyment of the performance and features of your new Consonance equipment. Please study this manual carefully and become acquainted with all the features, operation and capabilities of your new Consonance equipment. Should you have any questions, or desire information on other Opera Audio products, please contact your local Opera dealer. UNPACKING & SET-UP Unpacking Before any Opera Audio product leaves the factory it is carefully inspected for physical imperfections as a routine part of Opera Audio's stringent systematic quality control. After you have unpacked the equipment, carefully inspect for any physical damage. Save the shipping carton and packing materials as they are essential for future use to reduce the possibility of transportation damage. Set-up 1. Check Equipment Voltage Ensure that the operating voltage of the amplifier, check the shipping carton label and/or owners manual, conforms to the delivery voltage of your local power supply (i.e. 240V / 230V / 220V / 115V / 100V AC dependent on country). 2. Positioning the Equipment The amplifier may generate considerable heat during normal operation. Please ensure that the unit is far away from effect of any domestic heat source and adequate air circulation around the unit is provided to maintain cool operation. For air circulation, leave enough space around the unit (at least 3 cm on the top and 3 cm on the sides and leave enough space on the back for the power cord and interconnect cables). If the equipment is going to be mounted in an enclosed cabinet, it is recommended that the rear of the cabinet has vents to allow air to circulate around the unit. With these considerations implemented, the equipment should then provide exceptional performance as intended. However, the usual protection of equipment from excessive dust and moisture should always be observed. All the equipment made by Opera Audio has been carefully designed with high quality components so that Long-term undiminished performance is operated in accordance with the instructions provided. 3. Connect Signal Cables Connect the input source to the amplifier’s right and left channel RCA jacks. Refer to rear chassis drawing for connection location. These jacks are labeled with colored washers: red for right and black for left. 3 OPERATING TIPS A. Power cord, plugs and sockets The power cord should be routed so that it is not likely to be stepped on or pinched by item .....
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