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    3 2 4 5 6 7 8 test 0/1 INDEX ENGLISH ............................. Page 4 DEUTSCH ........................... Seite 9 FRANÇAIS ........................... page 13 ITALIANO ......................... Pagina 17 1 2 3 A B D C test 0/1 0 /1 te s t full em pty 0/1 q o !6 !1 u i e w y r t !0 !2 !3 !4 !5 EH2424欧州 05.7.27 11:52 AM ページ 2 5 30 seconds. - It is normal for hot water droplets to be discharged at the begining of the steam flow. - A whizzing may be heard. This is the sound of electric discharge which is normal. • Do not operate the appliance with the water supply cup placed on the nozzle. 2. Adjust the angle (up/down) of the nozzle. (Fig. 4) • Adjust the nozzle while taking care not to directly touch the steam. How to use the steam I Move your face slightly to the left and right so that the steam spreads evenly. I Using the steam on your nose is effective on the T-zone. 1. Keep your face at least 25 cm away from the steam outlet, using the supplied 25-cm measure as a guide. (Fig. 5) 2. Position the steam outlet towards your face slightly above your chin. (Fig. 6) 3. After use, wipe off the water (such as with a tissue), then also apply a lotion to prepare your face and apply an emulsion to supplement skin oil. Examples of the uses of the facial ionic steamer In addition to using the appliance on bare skin, it can also be used in combination with facial treatments. I Before cleansing 1. Use the appliance for about 3 minutes. (This lifts dirt from the skin.) 2. Perform cleansing. I Apply massaging cream and use the steam while massaging your skin. I Use the appliance after applying lotions and face liquids. After use (Be sure to discard the water in the tank every time after use.) 1. Press the power switch until a click is heard to turn off the power and then remove the plug from the power outlet. • The lamp turns off. • Be careful not to touch the steam when pressing the switch. • Do not operate the appliance if it contains no water. - Doing so will quicken the accumulation of water scale, which may result in poor steam discharge. 2. Leave the appliance alone to cool for at least 10 minutes. 3. Discard the water in the drain cup. 4. Pour out the water from the appliance in the direction of the arrow as shown. • Emptying the water in a direction other than that indicated by the arrow may get the switch wet, which may cause a malfunction. • To prevent risk of burns or scalding when discarding the water, hold the bottom of the appliance. (Fig. 7) Note: When discarding the water, be careful not to get water on the power plug and cord. 5. Wipe off any water from the appliance. • D .....
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