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    2 The projector comes as standard with no projection lens supplied. Choose the appropriate optional projection lens from the following list: OPTIONAL LENS The PT-L6510UL / L6600UL and PT-L6510EL / L6600EL is an optional lens version of the PT-L6510U / L6600U and PT-L6510E / L6600E projector. For details, refer to the table below. Note that the descriptions in this table may differ slightly from those given in the user’s manual supplied with the projector: INDIVIDUAL LENS-RELATED FEATURES Short focus zoom lens (ET-LE101) Medium focus zoom lens (ET-LE150) Long focus zoom lens (ET-LE300) Choose this lens when only a limited projection distance is required, for example, relatively small home theater installations. Choose this lens for large halls or theaters. Lens type (name) Illustration Description PT-L6510UL PT-L6600UL PT-L6510EL PT-L6600EL PT-L6510U PT-L6600U PT-L6510E PT-L6600E Projector model No. Zoom/Focus adjustment Manual adjustment Powered zoom and focus adjustment is achieved by remote control or with the projector’s control buttons. Focus may have only manual adjustment. Lens with medium focal distance between short focus lens and long focus lens. Lens with short focal distance for rear projection. It is only capable of right-angle projection. Since it has influence on a focus, the lens shift function is not used. Fixed focus lens (ET-LE050) Lens with medium focal distance between short focus lens and long focus lens. Medium focus zoom lens (ET-LE200) 3 1. Remove the lens cap from the projector, and then carefully insert the optional lens into the lens mount. • Cleanly wipe off the lens and inside of the lens barrel, and insert the lens straight in. Insertion at a skewed angle may damage the lens or lens mount. 2. Align the screw thread of the lens with that of the lens mount and turn the lens clockwise until it sits in lens mount firmly. 3. Screw the lens setscrew (supplied with the lens) into the screw hole at the top of the lens mount, and tighten with the hex wrench key (supplied with the lens). • Be sure to tighten the lens setscrew firmly. A loose setscrew could eventually allow the lens to fall off the lens mount. HANDLING CAUTIONS • Before mounting or replacing the projection lens, check to make sure that the projector has been turned off. • Do not power up the projector with no lens installed. • Whenever removing the lens from the projector, be sure to first remove the lens setscrew. • While carrying the projector, exercise care not to jolt the lens by accidental contact with heavy objects. Remove the lens whenever transporting the projector. Note Note REMOTE RGB OUT OU .....
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