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    4 LSQT1511 ∫ Information for Users on Collection and Disposal of Old Equipment and used Batteries These symbols on the products, packaging, and/or accompanying documents mean that used electrical and electronic products and batteries should not be mixed with general household waste. For proper treatment, recovery and recycling of old products and used batteries, please take them to applicable collection points, in accordance with your national legislation and the Directives 2002/96/ EC and 2006/66/EC. By disposing of these products and batteries correctly, you will help to save valuable resources and prevent any potential negative effects on human health and the environment which could otherwise arise from inappropriate waste handling. For more information about collection and recycling of old products and batteries, please contact your local municipality, your waste disposal service or the point of sale where you purchased the items. Penalties may be applicable for incorrect disposal of this waste, in accordance with national legislation. For business users in the European Union If you wish to discard electrical and electronic equipment, please contact your dealer or supplier for further information. [Information on Disposal in other Countries outside the European Union] These symbols are only valid in the European Union. If you wish to discard these items, please contact your local authorities or dealer and ask for the correct method of disposal. Note for the battery symbol (bottom two symbol examples): This symbol might be used in combination with a chemical symbol. In this case it complies with the requirement set by the Directive for the chemical involved. ∫ Indemnity concerning recording content The manufacturer shall in no event be liable for the loss of recordings due to malfunction or defect of this unit, its accessories or recordable media. ∫ Carefully observe copyright laws Recording of pre-recorded tapes or discs or other published or broadcast material for purposes other than your own private use may infringe copyright laws. Even for the purpose of private use, recording of certain material may be restricted. ∫ Cards that you can use with this unit SD Memory Card and SDHC Memory Card ≥ 4 GB or more Memory Cards that do not have the SDHC logo are not based on SD Memory Card Specifications. ≥ Refer to page 17 for more details on SD cards. ∫ For the purposes of these operating instructions ≥ SD Memory Card and SDHC Memory Card are referred to as the “SD card”. ≥ Pages for reference are indicated by an arrow, for example: l 00 Cd 4 ページ 2 .....
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