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    2 IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS 1. Power source—Connect the unit to a power source of the type described in these instructions or as marked on the unit. 2. Polarization—The unit is equipped with a polarized power plug where one blade is wider than the other. This safety feature ensures that the plug fits into your household AC outlet only one way. If the plug doesn’t fit one way, try reversing it. If the plug still doesn’t fit, contact an electrician to replace the obsolete outlet. Do not attempt to defeat the safety purpose of the plug. 3. Power cord protection—Route the AC power supply cord so that it will not be walked on or pinched by items placed on or against it. Never take hold of the plug or cord with wet hands. Always grasp the plug body firmly when connecting and disconnecting it. 4. Overloading—When connecting the AC power supply cord, be careful not to overload the household AC outlet, extension cord, or outlet from any other device as this can result in fire or electric shock. 5. Nonuse periods—Turn the unit off when it is not in use. Unplug the unit from the household AC outlet if it is not to be used for a long time. Unplug the unit during lightning storms. Leaving the unit connected to a household AC outlet for extended periods can cause battery fluid leakage. 6. Attachments and accessories—Use only the attachments and accessories recommended in these operating instructions. ∫Placement 1. Foreign material—Ensure objects and liquids do not get into the unit. Avoid exposing the unit to excessive smoke, dust, mechanical vibration, and shock. 2. Magnetism—Situate the unit away from equipment and devices that generate strong magnetic fields. 3. Stacking—Do not place anything on top of this unit. 4. Wall and ceiling mounting—Do not mount the unit on walls or ceilings unless specified in the instructions. ∫Environment 1. Water and moisture—Do not use the unit near water, such as near a bathtub or swimming pool. Avoid damp basements. 2. Heat—Situate the unit away from heat sources, such as radiators. Do not leave it in an automobile exposed to direct sunlight with the doors and windows closed as this may deform the cabinet. 2. Do not situate where temperatures fall below 5 eC (41 eF) or rise above 35 eC (95 eF). Unplug the unit from the household AC outlet before cleaning. Clean with a damp cloth. Do not use abrasive pads, scouring powders, or solvents. 1. Damage requiring service—The unit should be serviced by qualified service personnel if: 1. (a) The AC power supply cord or AC adaptor has been damaged; or 1. (b) Objects or liquids have gotten into the unit; o .....
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