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    November 18, 2010 Rev 1.02 4 Fine nuances and details, which frequently have gone un-noticed, now become apparent -- even in loud and highly complex musical passages. The simple truth is that a decade of knowledge and experience gained, coupled with new component technology, has enabled both enhanced performance and listening satisfaction over the building blocks we had available when the original X series pre-amplifiers came to market. Pass Laboratories has not been shy about taking advantage of these circuit innovations and new components in these new pre-amplifiers. You will hear, and appreciate, these significant sonic improvements as you experience the XP series product. Collectively, audiophiles tend to listen quite a bit differently today, than they did when the original X preamps were created, and the XP line of product have all been designed to reflect those changes in listening style. Pass Laboratories has redesigned the remote control to allow direct access to the most frequently wanted control functions, thus simplifying and enhancing product operation. The new remote control codes have been carefully selected to minimize the impact on other remote controlled electronic devices, allowing for more carefree product placement. Volume control steps on the new pre-amplifiers are more numerous and generally of smaller increments, giving the listener a wider choice of listening levels to better accommodate the wildly-fluctuating levels of current, verses legacy, recordings. November 18, 2010 Rev 1.02 5 Changing lifestyles dictate that many audiophiles now share family space where music may be an adjunct to other activities. To better serve the needs of these listeners, these new pre-amplifiers allow for significantly more precise volume steps and greater attenuation at the very lowest volume levels. So that these very low-volume listening levels have real world practicality, the noise floor and very fine detail retrieval of these new pre-amplifiers is dramatically superior to our previous product. Frequently, the perception of increased detail comes at the cost of equally increased grain or edginess in the music. With this new pre- amplifier, hundreds of hours of thoughtful listening and careful adjusting have produced a product where the enhanced detail simply comes through as greater spatial refinement and dynamic accuracy; without any loss of musicality. Bass definition is better than in pervious models, highly dynamic passages typically have more weight, a more accurate leading edge with increased control and the spectral balance is more finely integrated top to bottom. We sincerely believe th .....
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