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Petra Electric 

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    4 • In case the cord of this appliance is damaged, it has to be replaced by an authorised service agent of the manufacturer or a person having similar qualifications. Substantial dangers for the user can appear from inappropriate repairs. Accessories The following accessories are included to the appliance: • Natural pure ethereal oils, two small bottles à 5ml, for approximately 10-20 applications each • three pieces of filter fleece Further fleeces can be bought where the appliance has been bought or ordered directly from the producer. Using With the appliance the aroma elements of the ethereal oils are diffused all over the room by means of air stream produced by a blower. The air is enriched with an agreeable perfume which improves the ambien- ce in the room. A certain atmosphere in the room is created by the perfume. The aroma appliance can be used at home as well as at work. The appliance can also be used for aroma therapy. However ethereal oils should only be used on advice of your doctor or recommended by your pharmacist. Oils which are more liquid are not appropriate for this appliance as they could easily drip through the fleece in the inside of the appliance. To avoid mixtures of aroma please use a diffe- rent fleece for each oil. For using the oils consider the in- structions on the bottles. Putting into operation Unwind the power supply cord fully from the cable reel facility underneath the appliance and put the plug into the socket. Swivel the fleece holder at the top to the front out of the appliance and put 5 to 10 drops on the fleece according to the size of the room. Afterwards put the fleece on the locking mechanism inside and close the holder until it engages. At the beginning the ventilating speed - 2 - should be chosen so that the perfume can be diffused all over the room as soon as possible. Later it can be switched to the especially quiet speed - 1 -. After using switch off the appliance. If you intend not to use the appliance for a longer time, unplug it. Cleaning and maintenance Disconnect the appliance. Never immerse the appliance in water but wipe it off with a damp cloth and rub it dry afterwards. The fleece holder is removable, it can be cleaned in the dishwasher. Technical data Voltage 230 V 50 Hz Consumption 12 W Safety class II For UK use only 1. This product is supplied with a 13 A plug conforming to BS 1363 fitted to the mains lead. If the plug is un- suitable for your socket outlets or needs to be replaced, please note the following. If the plug is a non- rewireable one, cut it from the mains lead and immediately dispose of it. Never insert it into a socket outle .....
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