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Petra Electric EspressoMahlwerk M15



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Petra Electric 

  • Espressomahlmaschine Petra Electric EspressoMahlwerk M15

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    4 petra - electric Kundendienst Greisbacherstraße 6 D- 89331 Burgau Das Gerät entspricht den EU-Richtlinien Nr. 73/23 EWG und Nr. 89/336 EWG. Technische Änderungen vorbehalten. Verpackungsmaterial ordnungsgemäß entsorgen. Before using Read these instructions carefully. They contain important notes for the use, safety and maintenance of the appliance. Keep them in a safe place and transfer them to a future user. Only use the appliance for the purpose mentioned in these instructions. When using pay particular attention to the following safety advice. Safety advice • Only connect appliance to alternating current - with a rated voltage according to the rating plate - to a correctly installed earthed socket. Cord and plug must be completely dry. • The appliance is made for a short-term operation. If longer times are required, pause after 2 minutes of operation. This is sufficient to let the appliance cool down. • This appliance is suitable only to grind coffee beans. • Maximum capacity: 250 g coffee beans. • Attention! The container for the coffee powder only holds 100 g. If it is too full, the appliance might block. Therefore empty the container in time. • If the container for the ground material is taken out of the appliance, do not use the coffee grinder - danger of injuring! • Do not pull the connection cord over sharp edges nor Instructions for use GB Kaufbelegs direkt gegenüber unserem zentralen Kundendienst geltend zu machen. Von der Garantie ausgeschlossen sind Schäden durch normalen Verschleiß, unsachgemäßem Gebrauch, unterbliebener Pflege und Wartung, sowie Glasbruch. Der Endkunde hat zusätzlich zu den Ansprüchen aus dieser Garantie gesetzliche Ansprüche wegen Mängeln des Gerätes gegenüber seinem direkten Verkäufer/Händler, die durch diese Garantie nicht eingeschränkt werden. 5 jam it, do not allow it to hang down, and protect it from heat and oil. • Do not place the appliance onto hot surfaces, e. g. hot plate, etc. or near open flames. • Do not pull out the plug by the cord or touch it with wet hands. • Children are not aware of the dangers that can be caused by electrical appliances. Therefore never leave the appliance unattended during use. Use and store the device out of reach of children. • If the following happens do not use the appliance and unplug it immediately: - the appliance or the mains cable is damaged - any defect after the appliance has accidently dropped or something similar is suspected. In these cases have the appliance repaired. • Disconnect the appliance in these situations: - any malfunction during operation - .....
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