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Petra Electric 

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    4 Instructions for use GB Prior to use The contact grill may only be used for the intended purpose in complian- ce with this operating manual. Please read the operating manual carefully prior to implementation. It will provide instructions for the use, cleaning and care of the appliance. We will not assume any liability for potential damages in the event of non-compli- ance. Store these operating instruc- tions carefully and give it and the appliance to any potential second owner. Please also observe the war- ranty information at the end. The appliance is not intended for commercial use. The warning triangle identifies all instructions important for safety. Please always follow these; otherwise you may be injured or the appliance could be damaged. The original packaging is specifically designed to guarantee safe transpor- tation in a service event. Please keep the packaging therefore at least for the duration of the warranty period. Safety information Only connect the appliance to a shockproof socket that has been installed according to regulations. The voltage must correspond with the information on the model tag on the bottom of the appliance. Do not jam the supply line and protect it from sharp edges, moisture, heat or oil. Do not connect the appliance, if the sup- ply line is damaged. It must then be immediately replaced by our central customer service or a similarly qualified person. Incor- rect repairs may result in consi- derable hazards for the user. Do not operate the appliance or pull the power plug immediately, if it is damaged or if a defect is suspected after a fall or such. In these cases, have the appliance repaired. Do not operate the device out- doors. Do not place the contact grill on hot surfaces, such as stove tops or such or near open gas flames; the housing could melt. This appliance is not intended to be used by persons (including children) with limited physical, sensory or intellectual faculties or who lack experience and/or kno- wledge, unless they are supervi- sed by a person responsible for their safety or received instruc- tions on how to use the appliance. Please guarantee that children do not have an opportunity to play with the appliance. Caution! The appliance becomes hot. Only contact handles and control knob. Pull the power plug, if the contact grill will not be used for an exten- ded period. Only store the appliance when cooled. Use The appliance is suitable for grilling steaks, sausages, hamburgers, poul- try parts, fish, vegetables and sand- wiches. Breaded food may not be prepared. You can refresh pita bread and simi- lar baked goods by baking. Start-up Clean the gr .....
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