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Petra Electric PartyWok WOK 45.00



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    4 Before first use Read the instructions carefully. They contain important notes for the use, safety and main- tenance of the appliance. Keep them in a safe place and transfer them to a future user. Only use the appliance for the purpose mentio- ned in these instructions. When using pay particular attention to the safety advice below. Security instructions • Only connect the appliance to alternating cur- rent - with a rated voltage according to the rating plate - to a correctly installed earthed socket. Cord and plug must be completely dry. • Do not pull the connection cord over sharp edges or jam it, do not allow it to hang down and protect it from heat and oil. • Only use an extension cord in a perfect condition. It must be positioned so that pulling is impossible. Therefore fix the cord with the help of the delivered cable clamp and form a loop around a table leg. • If the following happens do not use the appli- ance and unplug it immediately: - the appliance or the mains cable is damaged - any defect after the appliance has accidently dropped or something similar is suspected. In these cases have the appliance repaired. • Do not pull out the plug by the cord or touch it with wet hands. • During use fat may splash. Cover your table appropriately. • During use do not move the appliance or pull at the cord. von elektrischen und elektronischen Geräten abgegeben werden. Die Werkstoffe sind gemäß ihrer Kennzeichnung wiederverwertbar. Mit der Wiederverwendung, der stofflichen Verwertung oder anderen Formen der Verwertung von Altgeräten leisten Sie einen wich- tigen Beitrag zum Schutze unserer Umwelt. Bitte erfragen Sie bei der Gemeindeverwaltung die zuständige Entsorgungsstelle. Änderungen vorbehalten • Caution, the appliance will become hot during use. Transport the heating element only with- out pan. Use ovencloths. Touch the WOK pan at the handles only. • Children are not aware of the dangers that can be caused by electrical appliances. Therefore never leave the appliance unattended during use. • Disconnect the appliance in these situations: - any malfunction during operation - prior to cleaning and maintenance - after use. • Do not immerse the heating element into water. • In case of misuse, wrong handling or incorrect repair no liability will be taken for possible damages. Claims under guarantee are also excluded in such cases. • The appliance is not designed for commercial use. • In case the cord of this appliance is damaged, it has to be replaced by an authorised service agent or a person having similar qualifications. Substantial dangers for the user can appear fro .....
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