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Petra Electric 

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    Instructions for use GB 4 Before Using Read the instructions carefully. They contain important notes for the use, safety and maintenance of the appli- ance. Keep them in a safe place and transfer them to a possible succeeding user. Only use the appliance for the purpo- se mentioned in these instructions. When using pay particular attention to the following safety advice. Safety Advice • Only connect the appliance to alter- nating current - with a rated voltage according to the rating plate - to a correctly installed earthed socket. Cord and plug must be completely dry. • The appliance must not be ope- rated by means of an external timer or remote-control switch. • Do not leave the appliance unat- tended during use. • Do not pull the connection cord over sharp edges or jam it, do not allow it to hang down and protect it from heat and oil. • Do not place the appliance onto hot surfaces, e.g. hot plate, etc. or near open flames. • Do not operate the toaster without crumb tray which is part of the appliance. • Do not pull out the plug by the cord or touch it with wet hands. • This appliance is not meant to be used by persons (including child- ren) with reduced physical, senso- rial or mental capacities or in absence of the necessary expe- rience and/or knowledge - unless they are supervised by a person responsible for their safety and from whom they get instructions on how to use the appliance. • Keep out of reach from children. • If the following happens do not use the appliance and unplug it imme- diately: - the appliance or the cable is damaged - any defect after the appliance has accidently dropped or something similar is suspected. In these cases have the appliance repaired. • When putting in the slices of toast, ensure that the slices of bread do not get jammed. However, should this happen, pull out the plug first and then remove the slices of toast. • Caution: In the event of bread bur- ning the appliance may overheat, therefore never operate the appli- ance unattended. • Caution, danger of burning: The appliance will become very hot, especially in the area of the toaster slots. • Do not reach into the bread slots with fingers or objects such as forks, knives or similar. • Only operate the appliance while it is vertical and freely placed and on a stable surface. • Do not cover the bread slots whilst in operation. Never lay bread slices or bread rolls directly on the appliance, as this may cause overheating. • Disconnect the appliance in these situations: - any malfunction during operation - prior to cleaning and maintenance - after use. • Do not immerse the applian .....
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