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    7 EX402a SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS The EX402a has two break-away “tabs” to allow easy placement in tight locations (see Figure 3). Remove only the tab(s) which allow the speaker to fit. Secure the speaker with at least two opposing tabs. 6 B. Installing in a New Location In many cases a factory speaker location is either not available or is undesirable. In such cases you may select a new location that takes into account both the vehicle’s design and your sonic goals. Door panels, kick panels, or dashboards are likely locations for the round or 4" X 6" speakers. 1. Remove any door panels, kick panels, molded parts, or fabric coverings to expose the surface that will need to be cut. 2. Check the dimensions around and behind the installation area for fit. This includes any moving parts behind the speaker (move the windows up and down) or to the sides of the speaker (open and close the door). 3. Locate the template over the desired location. Draw the inside circle and mark at least two opposing screw locations (see Figure 1). FIG. 3 EX402a GRAY AREA BREAKS OFF FIG. 1 Template for description purposes only. SCREW HOLE TEMPLATE FIG. 2 Example of a typical mounting procedure. SCREW SPEAKER WIRES MOUNTING CLIP 4. Cut the circle with the appropriate tool. Drill pilot holes in the four screw locations. Coat any bare metal surfaces with primer to prevent rust after filing all edges smooth. 5. Run wires from your amplifier or radio to the speaker locations. Use grommets when passing through doors. 6. Mount the new clips that are included over the screw holes (see Figure 2). 7. Connect the wires to your new speaker. Connect the wire marked positive (+) to the terminal with the (+) on your new speaker which is the larger of the two terminals. Connect the other wire to the negative (-) or smaller of the two terminals. 8. Carefully orient the new speaker over the screw holes with the new mounting clips. Tighten the screws firmly to secure the speaker to the mounting surface. 9. Snap on the new speaker grille. 10. Repeat steps 1-9 for the other speaker. 9 8 TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE OR SERVICE If, after following the hook-up directions, you experience difficulty, please double check all wire connections. Make sure that your electronic equipment is operating correctly by hooking up another speaker to the speaker output. For example, if you are not getting sound from the left channel speaker, connect the right channel speaker to the left output. If you still get no sound from that side, the problem is in your amp or source electronics. Should you isolate the problem to the speaker, contact the authorized Polk Audio dealer wh .....
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