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    EN – 2 High Performance Mouse Basic Operations  The radio connection will be automatically established once receiver is properly inserted.  Upon interference, the device will automatically switch to a new channel with slight delay in device operation. NOTE: The device automatically enters sleep mode when not used. Click any button to resume normal function. On Desk 1. Press both left and right buttons simultaneously to toggle between DPI 800/1600 modes. 2. Slide track ball to fast-scroll between pages. 3. The low power indicator will be illuminated in red if batteries are in need to replacement. Please replace batteries immediately as instructed above. In Air 1. Slide/roll track ball to control cursor movement. 2. Press and hold laser pointer button to pinpoint an object. 3. Press 4th /5th buttons to skip to next/previous page. 1 2 3 Channel ID Button 3 2 1 EN High Performance Mouse EN - 3 Cautions  Do not direct the laser beam at eyes at all times.  Do not attempt to disassemble or alter any part of the device that is not described in this guide.  Do not place the device in contact with water or any other liquids. The device is NOT designed to be liquid proof of any sort.  In the event of liquid entry into interior of device, immediately disconnect the device from the computer. Continuing use of the device may result in fire or electrical shock. Please consult your product distributor or the closest support center.  To avoid risk of electrical shock, do not connect or disconnect the device with wet hands.  Do not place the device near a heat source or directly expose it to flame or heat. Technical Specifications Model Name PMSL1P Lens Laser Lens Light Source Laser Diode with Built-In Sensor Resolution 800/1600 DPI Switchable Connection Type 2.4GHz Dual Direction RF Technology OS Supported Windows 2000/ME/XP(32bit)/Vista/7 Power Source Alkaline Battery AAA X 2 Power Consumption  Operation Mode:< 5.5~8.5mA  Idle Mode: 0.6~0.65mA (Operation Mode to Idle Mode: 0~1second)  Sleep Mode 1: 0.1~0.12mA (Idle Mode to Sleep Mode 1: 5 second)  Sleep Mode 2 :0.03~0.05mA (Sleep Mode 1 to Sleep Mode 2: 420 second) Weight 90g Dimensions (mm) 121(L) X 54.0(W) X 36.5(H) EN .....
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