Bedienungsanleitung Pure I-20

Pure I-20



DSL 16k: 5s

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Vorschau Pure I-20 Handbuch:
Safety instructions 1. Read these instructions – All the safety 9. U  se only in temperatures between 0°C 18. S  ervicing is required when the apparatus and operating instructions should be read – 40°C. has been damaged in any way, such as before this product is operated. 10. Clean only with dry cloth. power supply cord or plug is damaged, or 2.  Keep these instructions – The safety and 11. Install in accordance with the the apparatus does not operate normally, or operating instructions should be retained manufacturer’s instructions. has been dropped. for future reference. 12. D o not install near any heat sources such 19. R  espect the environment. Dispose of 3.  Heed all warnings – All warnings on the as radiators, stoves, or other apparatus that electrical components and batteries appliance and in the operating instructions produce heat. responsibly and in accordance with your should be adhered to. 13.Only use attachments and accessories local laws and regulations. 4.  Follow all instructions – All operating and specified by the manufacturer. use instructions should be followed. 14. U nplug the apparatus during lightning Remote control and battery care: 5. WARNING: do not immerse in water. storms or when unused for long periods Do not expose the remote control or battery to 6. Do not expose i-20 and the AC/DC adapter of time. excessive heat, such as direct sunlight or fire. to dripping or splashing. Do not place 15. Do not use the mains adapter outdoors. CAUTION: Danger of explosion if battery is objects filled with liquids, such as a vase, 16. C ease use immediately if apparatus incorrectly replaced. on or near i-20 and the AC/DC adapter. exhibits any signs of mechanical damage, 7. The AC/DC adapter is used as disconnect .....
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