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    Operational Manual: 1. Connect Audio/Video source of DVD/VCD/TV Tuner to AV-IN connectors by RCAjacks. This system can operate up to four AV sources. 2. Connect AV-IN of monitors to AV-OUT on the converter system. This system can operate up to four monitors simultaneously. 3. Power supply by DC+12V. there are three wires: Red wire: DC+12V Black wire: Ground Yellow wire: Control On/Off of the converter 4. Button (1), (2), (3), (4) on remote control represent signal out put source selector of the converter. 5. Push button (1), monitor (1) will be connected then press again button (1), connection of AV-IN sources will be changed from (1) to (2) or (2) to (3) or (3) to (4) etc. Keep pressing selector button on remote control will access to desired AV-IN sources. These operating processes apply to the other monitors. Features: 4 Audio/Video Inputs by RCA Jacks 4 Monitors Outputs by RCA Jacks. Remote IR Eye Port by Din socket Power Input: by 4- pin Plug - type Connector Specifications: Video Input: Composite Video 1Vpp 75 Ohm Audio Input: 0 ~1 Vpp, 20 ~20K Hz Video Output: Composite Video1 Vpp 75 Ohm Audio Output : 0 ~ 1Vpp, 20 ~ 20K Hz Power Supply: DC 12V, +/-10%, max. 200mA Installation: To monitor of IR connector .....
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