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    /LPLWHG1LQHW\'D\:DUUDQW\ &DUH 8VH %DWWHU\1RWHV • Use only fresh batteries of the required size and recommended type. RadioShack alkaline batteries can be purchased at your local RadioShack store. • Use only the recommended battery pack. • Do not charge the battery pack while it is in the vehicle or immediately after use. Allow it to cool first. • After you charge the battery pack (12 to 14 hours), disconnect it from the charger. Overcharging the battery pack might damage it. • Do not mix old and new batteries, different types of batteries (alkaline, standard, or rechargeable), or rechargeable batteries of different capacities. • If you do not plan to use the vehicle for a week or more, remove the batteries from it and the transmitter. Batteries can leak chemicals that may destroy electronic parts. • Ensure the connectors and wires are positioned so they do not touch moving parts. • Dispose of old batteries promptly and properly. Do not burn or bury them. • Warning: If you use alkaline batteries to power the motor, do not remove them immediately after you finish using your vehicle. The motor will get very hot. To avoid getting burned, let the vehicle cool about 10 minutes before you remove the batteries. • Driving your Ford F-150 for long periods of time can generate a high heat level, which causes wear and tear on the motor. To help keep heat levels down, when your vehicle’s battery power dies, let it cool for at least 10 minutes before installing new batteries. • Do not touch the motor immediately after using the Ford F-150, as it may become hot during use. • If your Ford F-150’s motor runs, but does not respond to the transmitter, move closer to the vehicle and try again. • If someone uses a CB nearby, it might interfere with the control of your Ford F-150. If this happens, move the vehicle away from the CB. • You cannot operate your Ford F-150 near devices with transmitters that use the same frequency as your vehicle (27 MHz or 49 MHz). Check the box to see which frequency you have. • If the Ford F-150 moves slowly, or not at all, and you have installed new batteries, check the wheel mechanism for lint, dust, hair or thread. • When the transmitter’s range decreases, replace its battery. • If the Ford F-150 does not drive in a straight line, adjust the wheel alignment control on the bottom of the vehicle. • Turn the control toward L if the vehicle pulls to the right, and toward R if the vehicle pulls to the left. • The Ford F-150 might make a popping or grinding noise when you slide the gear control swtich. This is normal. • The Ford F-150 is recomme .....
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