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    4 To Connect to the Power Amplifier: 1. Your existing speaker wires can be twisted together with the signal interconnect to STENTOR and connected to the gold plated 4mm plugs supplied. Alternatively, use your existing plugs or connect the STENTOR lead to a spare set of speaker terminals. In effect the STENTOR is bi-wired from your power amplifier. However, note that there are only three connections to STENTOR. This is deliberate and helps preserve the existing star earthing of your system (assuming it has a star earth arrangement). Remove the speaker leads to the RIGHT or the LEFT channel of your power amplifier (whichever is the most convenient). Connect either one of the RED banded plugs on the interconnect to the RED terminal of whichever channel you have selected on your power amplifier. Connect the BLACK banded plug from STENTOR to the BLACK terminal of this channel. Now do the same with the other channel by connecting the other RED banded plug to this channel’s RED terminal. Connect the XLR plug to the high level input on STENTOR. 3. Connect the Mains lead to STENTOR and to the mains and switch ON. Operate the Earth Lift switch, if there is no hum, leave in the OUT position. This ensures that there is only one earth return on your system, preserving the star earthing arrangements in your power amp. If the XLR plug is removed there will be a hum. The hum can be removed by operating the earth lift switch if desired. Sometimes this hum will reappear if the main power amp is switched off. If this occurs, leave the earth lift switch IN. To Connect to a Dedicated Sub-woofer Output: 1. For this connection it will be necessary to use whatever type of connector is needed by this output. Normally it would be a phono type connector. Whatever the type, the yellow wire of the STENTOR interconnect should be connected to the signal live of this connector and the red and black to signal ground. The red wire is connected to ground to minimise hum pickup. The 600 Ohm balanced line input is then used in place of the high level XLR input. With very long interconnects and some amplifiers, particularly ones with a higher output impedance, there may be a slight hum. If so, screened interconnect will have to be used. 2. Plug the connector into the dedicated sub-woofer output on your power amplifier and the XLR plug into the 600 Ohm balanced Line level input on STENTOR. 3. Follow Step 3 above to connect to the mains. 5 To Connect to a Separate Preamp Output: 1. Do exactly as Step 1 above for connecting to a dedicated sub-woofer output. 2. Plug this phono connector into one of the separate preamp outputs (assuming there .....
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