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    S1051_NStyle_23_6_08_cover.qxp 26.06.2008 14:47 Seite 2 sleek & smooth wide A B C D E F G H I J K L 2 N 0 ENGLISH 1 GB D NL F E I DK S FIN P SK CZ PL HUN RU TR RO GR SL AE HR/ SRB Thank you for buying your new Remington® product. Before use, please read these instructions carefully and keep them in a safe place for future reference. PRODUCT FEATURES A. Advanced Ceramic Coating for extra smooth glide and longer lasting plates B. High heat 150 -230°C C. Fast heat up in 15 seconds D. Longer length 110mm plates E. Wide plates for longer hair F. Floating plate for superior alignment G. On-off switch – press and hold down for 1 seconds until the display lights up/turns off. H. Adjustable +/- temperature buttons and digital display - LCD and bars will flash until correct temperature is reached. Recommended temperatures to suit hair types… 150°C - 180°C – Fine Hair 180°C - 200°C – Medium Hair 200°C - 230°C – Thick Hair I. Heat boost function – Hold the ‘+’ button for 2 seconds and the display with automatically set to 230°C J. Button lock function – once you have chosen your desired temperature hold the “-“ button for 2 seconds. A “padlock” symbol will appear on the display. This will prevent accidentally changing the temperature whilst in use. To unlock hold the “-“ button again for 2 seconds. K. Automatic safety shut off – if no buttons have been pressed after 60 minutes the straightener will automatically turn off L. Hinge lock for storage: - Plates can be shut together for easy storage Locked- Push the hinge lock up to the locked position Unlocked- Pull the hinge lock down to the unlocked position NOTE: Do not heat the unit in the locked position M. Heat proof pouch N. 2.5 m Swivel cord O. Multi-voltage: For use at home or abroad. When used at 120V the heat up times and temperatures may vary. 3 year guarantee 1 ENGLISH GB 120 - 240V MULTI VOL TAGE 100381_REM_IFU_S5520_21L.indd GB_1 100381_REM_IFU_S5520_21L.indd GB_1 21.05.10 13:40 21.05.10 13:40 ENGLISH 2 INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE Before use, make sure hair is clean, dry and tangle-free. Plug in the unit, press and hold the on-off switch until the LCD lights up to switch the straightener on.When the LCD temperature display reaches the desired temperature the styler is ready to use. For extra protection and best results, section hair prior to straightening and spray with heat protection spray. Always straighten the lower layers first. Run the straightener through the entire length of the hair, without stopping. Repeat only twice per section to prevent hair damage. IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS This is a high performance produ .....
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