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    Congratulations! Your Universal Remote Control (URC) is a state-of-the-art device which integrates many different infra-red remote controls to deliver instant A/V action to your fingertips. Before operating the remote, please read thoroughly (1) the inside of the coversheet and (2) this manual. Then store them for future reference. Alkaline batteries are recommended. The batteries required are 2 x AAA 1.5V or equivelent. 1. Remove the battery cover on the back of your URC. 2. Insert the batteries observing the "+/-" marks inside the battery compartment. 3. Push the battery cover back in place. NOTE: The memory inside the remote will retain its settings for short periods of time with the batteries removed (When changing batteries for instance). By entering Device Code You may setup the URC by following the code entering instructions. 1. Referring to the DEVICE CODE LIST, look up the 4-digit Device Code which corresponds to the brand of your A/V equipment. If there is more than one Device Code listed under your brand, start from the first code. 2. Press the desired Device Mode Key (e.g. TV). 3. Hold down "CH +" and "VOL -" on the URC simultaneously for 2 seconds until the indicator light under the power key lights up. 4. Use the number keys "0" - "9" to enter your 4-digit Device Code. The indicator should go out after the 4th digit is entered. Turn on your device (e.g. TV), then try the function keys on the URC. If your device (e.g. TV) responds to your activated function correctly, you have entered the right Device Code. Otherwise, repeat the above steps with the next available Device Codes until your device (e.g. TV) responds to your activated function, and most keys work correctly. * Simply repeat the above procedures to enter the Device Codes for your DVD and AUX devices. (Remember to press the correct Device Mode Key in step 2 above) 1 HOW TO INSTALL THE BATTERIES 2 HOW TO SET UP THE URC Note: If the indicat s twice in step 4, a wrong Device Code has been entered. You are required to repeat step 2 to 4 again. Suggestion : - If you cannot find a correct Device Code for your equipment, see . HOW TO SET UP THE URC - By Searching Through the Library. - For future reference you are recommended to take a note of your Device Codes in the space provided on the product's back label after setting up the URC correctly. or light under the power key flashe 2 4 By Searching Through the Library If you cannot identify a correct Device Code for your equipment from the Device Code list, you may search for the code in the library:- 1. Turn on your device manually (e.g. TV). 2. Press a desired Device Mode Key (e.g. TV). .....
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