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    English English 3 4 INSTALLATION • Remove the stereo carefully from the box, retaining the packaging for future use (Servicing) PRECAUTIONS • Choose the mounting location carefully so that the unit will not interfere with the normal driving functions of the driver. • Avoid installing the unit where it would be subject to high temperatures, such as from direct sunlight or hot air from the heater, or where it would be subject to dust, dirt or excessive vibration. • Use only the supplied mounting hardware for a safe and secure installation. Mounting angle adjustment Adjust the mounting angle as desired. MOUNTINGEXAMPLE Installation in the dashboard Note: Keep the release key in the safe place as you may need it in future to remove the unit from the car. INSERTING/REMOVINGTHEMMC/SDMEMORYCARD MMC/SD CARDS Insert the MMC/SD card in the slot (5) by pushing it gently inwards. Push gently inwards again to remove the card. USB PORT Insert the USB external memory stick or drive in the port (6) or with a USB cable , if necessary (not included). ISO CONNECTOR RCA Jack Line Out (grey) - Red (right) White (left) CONNECTORA 1. 2. 3. 4. YELLOW : MEMORY +12V 5. WHITE :AUTOANTENNAOUTPUT 6. 7. RED : +12V (TO IGNITION KEY) 8. BLACK : GROUND Note: RED wire (connector A no. 7) must be connected by car ignition key in order to avoid that car battery becomes weak when the car will be not used for long period. CONNECTORB 1. REAR RIGHT SPEAKER (+) 2. REAR RIGHT SPEAKER (-) 3. FRONT RIGHT SPEAKER (+) 4. FRONT RIGHT SPEAKER (-) 5. FRONT LEFT SPEAKER (+) 6. FRONT LEFT SPEAKER (-) 7. REAR LEFT SPEAKER (+) 8. REAR LEFT SPEAKER (-) Maintenance FUSEREPLACEMENT If the fuse blows, check the power connecton and replace the fuse. If the fuse blows again after the replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In this case, consult your nearest repairing centre. English English 5 6 During playback of MP3/WMA files from USB/SD/MMC, press the “SOU” (13) Button to display the ID3 Tag information of the song. 6. USB Port Use an USB cable (not included) if necessary, to connect your portable MP3 Player. * IMPORTANT INFORMATION: This car radio has been designed following the latest USB technology. The variety of memory stick available in the market, however, doesn’t allow to make a product surely and fully compatible with all USB products of today and tomorrow. 7. AUDIO AUX IN JACK: Insert your portable player into the jack, in any playing mode, so that the sound can come through the car speakers. 8.MUTEButton Press to Mute On/ Off. When muted, all audio output is suppressed. 9.PLAY/PAUSEBUTTON( ) To control the playback of your .....
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