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    6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 1 2 3 5 4 6 Notice cleanette corr 8/02/02 9:42 Page 3 Connecting the holder. Charging the appliance. III • BEFORE USE IMPORTANT ! While charging, ensure that the indicator light is on. Before being used for the first time the appliance should be charged for 24 hours in order to guarantee full vacuuming power. I • DESCRIPTION 1. Top of holder 2. Base of holder (charger) 3. Screws and rawlplugs for fixing 4. Connecting cord 5 Cord storage 6. Crevice tool 7. Wet nozzle 8. Batteries compartment cover 9. Cover access screws 10. Removable batteries (according to model) a) 3 batteries (3.6 V) RS-AC 3065 b) 4 batteries (4.8 V) RS-AC 3066 c) 3 green batteries* (3, 6 v) RS-AC 3025 d) 4 green batteries* (4,8 v) RS-AC 3026 11. Handle 12. On I /Off O switch 13. Charging indicator light 14. Button for releasing dust compartment (water and dust) 15. Permanent washable filter 16. Filter support holder 17. Dust compartment with a water indicator for maxi- mum level 18. Vacuum inlet * Important! The green batteries are cadmium-free. english II • HINTS AND PRECAUTIONS Remove the appliance and accessories from the packaging. The appliance may be recharged permanently without any risk. The charger heats up slightly, this is quite normal. However, it is preferable to disconnect the charger if you intend to stay away for long periods of time (holidays, etc.) Check the condition of the filter regularly, and ensure that it is firmly in place. If the appliance loses suction power or makes an abnormal noise, check that the vacuum inlet is not blocked or that the permanent washable filter is not blocked or full. In cases of abnormal operation, such as motor overheating, stop the appliance to correct the problem (e.g. blockages in the vacuum inlet or accessory. If vacuumed dust or debris fall on the floor, check to see if the filter is full. Never leave liquid in the dust compertment while the appliance is charging. Always remove liquid from the product after use. For any problems or queries please contact CUSTOMER RELATIONS : Tel n° : 0845 602 1454 - UK (01) 412 3000 - IRELAND 5 Vous pouvez le poser ou le fixer sur un mur You can let it stand on a table or fix it on a wall. Notice cleanette corr 8/02/02 9:42 Page 5 IMPORTANT ! While charging, ensure that the indicator light is on. Choosing the right accessory. For crevices and corners (skirting boards and radiators...) and other hard to reach areas, use the crevice tool. Take it out of the vacuum inlet and turn it around to put it into place. For liquid on smooth floors, use the wet nozzle. Put it into place in the vacuum inlet without t .....
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